Ericka’s Latest Novel

A Violent Hope

The print and eBook versions of A Violent Hope will be released October 6th of 2020 by Believable Books. You can pre-order the eBook version here. And be sure to check out Ericka’s other books.

raw + real + redemptive

Believable Books is a publishing imprint of author Ericka Clay and seeks to fill a very noticeable gap in the Christian publishing industry: raw, real stories with a redemptive element.

In short: we won’t be publishing Amish romances any time soon.

We will, however, be publishing contemporary fiction that follows gritty characters from their rock bottoms all the way to their God-glorifying tops.

Believable Books seeks to bring light to a dark literary world, with grace, hope and the redemptive love of Christ always at the core.


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