Ericka Clay is a published novelist & poet.

Ericka is a traditionally published novelist and poet in Northwest Arkansas. She’s the author of A Violent Hope and has recentlhy released her latest book, Between You and Me.

Ready for Purchase!

Between You and Me is now available for purchase!

Between You and Me is a compilation of poetry and essays once posted on Instagram by Ericka Clay. Ericka brings you bits of her heart as she meditates on “cultural Christianity,” raising an ADHD child, dealing with body dysmporphia, being a former atheist, and working through her roles as mother, wife, and writer all while seeking the goodness of God.

Let’s Talk About It is a book project I’m writing on my site that looks at various topics from a Biblical perspective.

Latest Posts

Below are Ericka’s latest posts. You can read the rest of her blog here.

The science of loving you.

I am like fire and tar, burnt out and stuck to the pavement. I’m leftover and left out and everything in between. But you see, there’s a strange culture here, a community, an entire ecosystem where the world thrives around me, and I wither away. I was planted here, but my roots don’t grow. My…

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The words on my soul.

Like a dog returns to his vomit… Oh, that hits home. The Book of Proverbs hits the head on the nail when it comes to defining fools. And I often feel like my picture needs to be plastered all over it. For the most part, I tend to err on the side of discernment. I…

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The feel and weight of it.

All of this is much like rubbing my palm into broken glass or the time I did the splits during dance class and a perplexingly long sliver of wood that had popped itself up from the floor entered my bare leg. I received stitches for that one. The pain was measurable but this one, not…

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