Ericka Clay is a published novelist & poet.

Ericka is a traditionally published novelist and poet in Northwest Arkansas. She’s the author of A Violent Hope and has recently released her latest book, Between You and Me.

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Between You and Me is now available for purchase!

Between You and Me is a compilation of poetry and essays once posted on Instagram by Ericka Clay. Ericka brings you bits of her heart as she meditates on “cultural Christianity,” raising an ADHD child, dealing with body dysmorphia, being a former atheist, and working through her roles as mother, wife, and writer all while seeking the goodness of God.

Latest Posts

Below are Ericka’s latest posts. You can read the rest of her writing here.

Nights of trouble.

Job. Chapter Seven. That’s where I was yesterday. The title is Job’s Life Seems Futile, at least that’s how my Bible labels it. Here are some of my favorite verses: “So am I allotted months of vanity And nights of trouble are appointed me.” “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, And come to…

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Mere specks of dust.

I listened to a podcast recently about denying the credibility of the flat earth theory. You might think that’s a no brainer since we already know the earth isn’t flat, but there are actually quite a few people out there who still believe it is.  People with degrees who are rather brilliant biblical scholars. What…

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Let there be no divisions.

I’m reading a book called The Chronological Life of Christ. It puts the NT in chronological order. Our pastor gave it to us when we joined our church five years ago, and I’m still reading it! I did push pause on it a bit but Iove reading a section a day with the Spoken Gospel…

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