The “M” Word


There’s a fine balance between writing and marketing yourself.

Actually for me, there’s hardly any balance at all.

I think I talk about myself too much.  Scratch that.  I KNOW I talk about myself too much, but I do it because I’m conditioned to.

I started a new Facebook page and now I have another pothole to fill up with Ericka goodness when I all want to do is write and take a nap and nap and write a little and then maybe see my family and let my dogs outside to piss.

So here’s what I’m going to allow myself: a cozy little room on the Internet.  This space, the FB, the twitter, and all the other noise I’m churning out on a daily basis doesn’t have to be gargantuan.  It can be small and warm and reflect me perfectly without boasting five different floors.  The windows can be dirty, the tile cracked, as long as it contains my honest heart.

I’ve created a beautifully crafted Internet house for myself, practically a mansion, with Tipsy Lit.  It’s bigger than anything I ever thought possible and seems to be growing every day.  And when I think of building my brand as an author to, at the very least, rival what I (and countless others…believe me) have done with TL, I get exhausted and cranky and want to make that nap thing happen as fast as humanly possible.

I’m tired of talking about myself.  Sometimes, I’m tired of myself in general.  So what I want to offer are my stories, my beautifully broken characters.  Letters and lines mouthed into sounds that have nothing to do with me.

Because frankly, I’m tire of the “m” word.


11 thoughts on “The “M” Word”

  1. You are kidding yourself. As much as you want to simply write about your beautifully broken characters (a phrase I adore, by the way) nobody will find them unless you shout.
    My blog name? It’s true You have to SHOUT, ‘HERE I AM. HERE THEY ARE, MY CHARACTERS. READ THEM AND WEEP.’
    You gotta shout dudette


  2. Oh, but you do it so well, Ericka! You show us all how it’s done. I bet it is exhausting, but probably a necessary thing. I, for one, can’t wait to read your new book. All the best!


    1. It’s like running a very long marathon, Jess. 🙂 But I’ve found no use in being unlikable. Just doesn’t suit me!


  3. I am so sick of talking about myself too. I have been in absolute promotion mode for a month now, and all I really want to do is write. My cry right now is: can’t someone else do it? Unfortunately the answer right now is no. My friend Jim was doing a bunch of pushing in promoting but since he and his family were evacuated out of the house it falls to me now. I’m exhausted and frustrated and I think I know just how you feel. Hugs.


    1. Double hugs! I just deactivated my personal FB account already there’s a little peace. I’ve always followed my gut when it comes to this kind of thing, and if the gut is saying “pull the plug, Ericka” then I’m going to have to do just that, no matter how hard. I’m still going to remain around, just a tad quieter so I can finally think – and write!


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