How to Use Google Plus for Your Writing Career


Ericka Clay
The face of a determined author. Actually, my make up just looks really good in this one…

My last post was pretty anti-social, so leave it to me to do a 180 and go in a whole different direction.

It’s how I work, folks.

The lovely Rowena from Out of Print Writing interviewed me about my take on Google+ and how the social media platform is helping my writing career.

Truth alert: at this point not very.  But that’s not Google+’s fault as much as it is mine.

The Tipsy Lit Google+ account?  It’s pretty much driving itself at this point but only after a remarkable amount of time spent networking and devising the right plan of action.  We’ve now got our own Google+ page and community and a promotional team leading the crap out of it.  But Ericka’s own personal Google+ account?  It’s measly by comparison.  But not for long.

Sooo…this leads me to this post.  I’m reinventing myself as “Ericka The Author” and will now be taking a page out of my “Ericka The Editor-In-Chief of Tipsy Lit” notebook to spearhead my “promote the crap out of the book and my writing career.”  That’s a lot of quotations.

Since I’m starting from scratch (AGAIN), I want you to come along for the ride.  First up on the docket?  Google+.

How to Use Google+ for Your Writing Career

  • Circles.  Oh my my, circles, how I love thee.  Being able to segment your audience is vital, because not only can you choose a certain portion of your circles to promote your update to, you can also EMAIL your update to them.  So let’s just say you have a new book coming out and you decide to create a circle called “readers.”  You can then email updates about the book to these readers directly without being spammy and all “Hey look, I just nabbed your email from the interwebs and here, learn everything about my new book.” Because that’s just gross.
  • Communities.  If there’s one promotional tool you’re going to want to know (and come to love, seriously, it’s just science), it’s Google+ communities.  There are communities for anything and everything, including communities where you can promote your book.  By doing a simple keyword search, you can easily find and join a community where you can promote whatever it is your selling (literary gold, hopefully).  Just remember to keep your messages tailored to each different group you join and help promote other community members in return.  Say it with me now: “Nobody likes a spammy jerk!”
  • Events.  Spreading the word about one of your upcoming events is easy as lighting a match with Google+ events.  Books signings, release dates, you name it, you can make an event for it.  And it’s the perfect way to get your circles on board with your latest feats.  Just be sure to time these out and make yourself available to answer any comments or questions a guest may leave.
  • Google+ Hangouts.  Now I’m sure you’ve come across Google Hangouts on Air and have uttered a royally big “WTF??”  You’re not alone.  Basically, a Google Hangout is a live video chat you can use to network with other writers, “meet” fans, etc.  The other day, I was part of a Google Hangout with the editors from my publishing company and it was nice to come “face-to-face.”  A Google Hangout on Air is pretty much a Google Hangout on steroids because it’s recorded, uploaded to YouTube and can be easily searched for and found on Google+.  Something to definitely put in your back pocket when your next big promotional event is just around the corner.

Basically, I just dipped my toe into the Google+ pool, but we’ll be focusing more on this platform (and all those other wonderful social media platforms) soon.  Subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the box at the right so you can learn more about marketing your writing career online, and I can hang out in your inbox.  Sounds cozy!

So let’s get this Google+ circle jerk going!  Add me to your circles, and I’ll repay the favor.  Also, I just set up my Facebook page and would love to see you over there as well.  According to my grandmother, it’s “absolutely adorable.”  Meh.

Psst:  If you’d like me to do an interview for your blog, I wouldn’t totally hate that.  You can contact me here.


16 thoughts on “How to Use Google Plus for Your Writing Career”

    1. It really is a great tool, Helena. I think I’ll be focusing more on my Google+ account than FB. It seems more networking based versus “look what I had for dinner and now I’m fighting with my boyfriend” based.


      1. I’m more inclined to develop a Google+ presence than a FB page as well. The circles are intriguing and sound useful. I’ll look you both up!


      2. Thanks, Jess! Yeah, kind of over the FB noise. Google+ always seems more peaceful and productive to me.


  1. I wrote a whole comment and WordPress nicely deleted it. Anyways, what I said was, thank you for this post! I’ve been trying to find ways to more widely market my blog and writing, and this was extremely helpful. I haven’t used Google+ widely either, so this was a handy tutorial!
    I’m at work, but when I get home and can use social networking again, I’ll definitely add you on my Google+. 🙂 (apparently WordPress doesn’t count my company’s social networking policy – lucky me!)


      1. Added! 🙂 Sorry it took so long, spaced yesterday and had to take a little time tonight to get it up and running. It’s far from being shiny-fied but it’s up. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Amy. I find that it’s a lot like FB but for people who want to network instead of one up each other lol! Love it so much better!


  2. Google+ sounds pretty cool.
    Unfortunately, I’m tired of failing so I’m not too concerned with the whole writing thing that has brought me nothing but anger, frustration and disappointment so far.


    1. Failing means you’re doing it right. And I seriously mean that. Who can relate to someone who always wins at life? Plus, have you ever heard of a writer that constantly “wins” all the time? No, failing is what makes great books. Keep failing!


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