Why I Shouldn’t Have Access To A Video Camera

So I’ve been hitting YouTube up lately and here are the frightening results!

The first is a video I did for Bannerwing Books, answering a few fun questions about my novel that they’ll be releasing early next year.  And in true Ericka fashion, I make no sense and wave my hands around like a crazy person.  Or me.

My Promotional Ninjas

And then I decided to roll out a video about my new amazing promotional team, the EC Readers.  The EC Readers is a group of my favorite followers who help me get the word out about my books and writing career.  In return, I give these followers first dibs on interviews with me on their blogs, show them some Twitter love, link their blog on this page and let them pick my brain in our Facebook community.  Plus, I return the favor and share their stuff, too, because they’re pretty amazeballs!

Do you want to join the EC Readers?  Check out the video and fill out this form so you can!

Alrighty guys, back to the manuscript and a painful amount of caffeine!


3 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Have Access To A Video Camera”

  1. You’re a clapper! That means you’re gangsta! Love it. No coffee, wine or anything?! I get the B-Spears fiasco, but at least have coffee with us.

    And I think you may have just recruited me….off to the next video!


  2. Reblogged this on You've Been Hooked! and commented:
    I’m busy serving the traveling public this weekend, so I think you should direct your attention to the lovely and talented (she can glitter a cat in fifteen seconds flat), Ericka Clay. You’ll thank my later.


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