I’ll Roast You a Ham. Promise.

story about a boy in love


This isn’t a real post as much as it is an opportunity to mention two things:

  1. I’m on Wattpad and obsessed with posting my stories there so please follow me, and I’ll roast you a ham.  Can you do that?  Roast a ham?  I’ve never tried.
  2. Oh my God, there’s this thing called iPiccy that makes it horribly easy to make book covers and now I’ve found a new hobby which worries me because I already have a backlog of cats to glitter.

The photo in this post is of a cover I made with iPiccy that belongs to a story I wrote on Wattpad.  Insert mind explosions here.

Anyways, happy vodka day you glittery monkeys!!


7 thoughts on “I’ll Roast You a Ham. Promise.”

  1. I will follow you. And thank goodness you’re roasting me a ham because I don’t know the first thing about roasting hams. I just make my husband do such things!

    Also, thanks for the heads up on Wattpad. I had no idea it existed and now I’m going to create an account!!!!


  2. I just opened an account on WattPad. I will find you. I thought about publishing a story there, too. Do you like it? I’ve never heard of iPiccy. Thanks for sharing about it. I’ll check it out. I love the cover!


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