I’ll Roast You a Ham. Promise.

story about a boy in love


This isn’t a real post as much as it is an opportunity to mention two things:

  1. I’m on Wattpad and obsessed with posting my stories there so please follow me, and I’ll roast you a ham.  Can you do that?  Roast a ham?  I’ve never tried.
  2. Oh my God, there’s this thing called iPiccy that makes it horribly easy to make book covers and now I’ve found a new hobby which worries me because I already have a backlog of cats to glitter.

The photo in this post is of a cover I made with iPiccy that belongs to a story I wrote on Wattpad.  Insert mind explosions here.

Anyways, happy vodka day you glittery monkeys!!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole Marie says:

    I will follow you. And thank goodness you’re roasting me a ham because I don’t know the first thing about roasting hams. I just make my husband do such things!

    Also, thanks for the heads up on Wattpad. I had no idea it existed and now I’m going to create an account!!!!


    1. Ericka Clay says:

      Very welcome, Nicole! It’s been really helpful in allowing me to keep my work in one place, plus it keeps track of how many people read my stories!


  2. Amy Reese says:

    I just opened an account on WattPad. I will find you. I thought about publishing a story there, too. Do you like it? I’ve never heard of iPiccy. Thanks for sharing about it. I’ll check it out. I love the cover!


    1. Ericka Clay says:

      Yay!! I love it! It’s a great community and really helps to build readership. And oh my goodness, iPiccy is my new best friend!


  3. The Hook says:

    So you’re good-looking, literary blessed AND creative, Ericka?
    You’re the real deal, aren’t you?


    1. Ericka Clay says:

      I know, right??? #triplethreat 🙂


  4. maurnas says:

    I’m with you on the backlog of cats to glitter. I keep thinking I need to get rid of a few hobbies.


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