How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Book

pony tails
Side ponying my way into your hearts.

Step One: Delete your Facebook author’s page.

You right now: “This bitch be tripping!”

Okay, maybe that’s not EXACTLY what you’re thinking, but if it were, I wouldn’t blame you.  We’re all supposed to have very lively, very vibrant pages with a bajillion followers who yearn for our every Facebook move.


Well, not so much anymore.  If you’ve been paying attention to the way Facebook pages have been decreasing in reach, you’ve probably realized there’s a crucial problem when trying to connect with your readership on the social platform.

So now what?

Facebook Groups and You

Facebook groups.  If I could be addicted to anything other than looking in a mirror, it would be Facebook groups.  Not only have I created my own to promote my work, I also hang out in a few other groups to network with fellow writers and to of course scare people.  Boo!

I highly recommend starting your own Facebook group.  “But that’s why I have a page!” you protest wearing a beautiful glittery scarf you found in the bargain bin at Marshall’s.  Well, not really.  A page is great to update your readers about blog posts, your books, stuff you’ve read and loved on the interwebs, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could create an environment for your DIEHARD FANS who will do everything in their power to spread the word online (and in person) about your writing??

That’s worth way more than a Facebook page like, my friend.

With my group, The EC Readers, I’ve created a tight knit group of promoters who I reward for being a whole bunch of awesome.  It’s much more of a reciprocal relationship instead of me just publishing a bunch of stuff and cluttering up my readers’ newsfeeds.  My Facebook group is about readership, friendship and sharing the perks of my success, because I’m kind of a big believer in karma.  And all I know is that I’ve tried to be as helpful and kind and smiley as I can be all my life and now I’m getting a book published.  So…science.

Make Sure Your Facebook Profile Packs a Punch

Listen, we’re authors here, not businesses.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I’m the first in line to tell you to treat your online presence and your entire writing career as a business because dreams only become achievable goals when your head is ripely plucked out of your ass.  And trust me, I only know this because I used to wear my ass like a beautiful, nicely toned helmet.

So in order to connect with readers, why not allow people to follow your personal profile?  Your public posts will be tailored to your audience but you can still publish private posts for family and friends.   Best of both world, right?  Plus, you can even decide whether you’d like your followers to comment on your posts or just hit the “like” button.  Check out how I’ve made my own profile accessible to my readers.

Lastly, I’m a big believer in getting personal with my readers (haha, ew!) so I’d much rather have them feel like a part of my life versus being fed posts through a Facebook page that kind of feels like a wall that’s built between us.  But, hey, that’s just me, the girl who’s been know to wear a nicely toned ass on her head.

SIDE NOTE: Do you know there are people out there who think I’m shy?  Hahahaha!  Ass helmets.

Anyways, let me know what’s working for you Facebook-wise.  Love using a page?  Comment about it.  Think I’m on track with the whole group thing?  Let me know.  Like the idea of ass helmets?  Sing their nicely toned praises.


16 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Book”

  1. I could use an ass helmet. I use a page right now. I’m not convinced it’s the best thing for me. Perhaps a group would be better, but maybe just an expansion of my personal page would be the boost I need. I use G+ a whole lot more and that platform has given me the largest boost in readership.

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    1. I think a personal FB profile plus Google+ is an awesome combination. Plus, you’re pretty much killer over there, so if it works, keep doing it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I do! You have quite the following Martin, and a lot of people engage with you, which is even more important in my humble opinion. 🙂


  2. I love the group thing and not in a dirty way;-) Maybe a little bit. My author page has dropped tremendously in traffic and it drives me crazy! I know a lot of them are from giveaways and let’s be honest, most just click “like” so they can enter in for that gift card or ebook. It’s frustrating.
    I’ve never been a fan of the author page thing. I had one a very long time ago. Deleted it. Caved and started a new one. Yup. Still not happy. Especially, since Facebook keeps cock blocking me.
    Thank you for the stellar advice:-)

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  3. “Ass Helmet?”
    Of fucking gawd!
    I am still laughing!

    Thanks for good and useful information, but thanks even more for making me spill my beer in mirth.


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