All is Well in Publishing Land

For those of you who haven’t been contacted by my grandmother about my novel being released in early 2015 (I’m just kidding.  You all have), then here are a few updates about the process:

  • My amazing publisher, Cameron, from Bannerwing Books, has emailed me to let me know that my novel is in its last stage of edits.
  • Formatting shall be happening in November.
  • And we’re now talking cover art mock ups!  What what!

To celebrate, here’s a picture of me shoving my bicep in your face, the one that I formed from curling a seventy-five pound glittered cat.  His name was Sir Whiskerpants the fourth and he smelled faintly of manchego.

Ericka Clay
Don’t mess with me! Unless you’re a cat that smells like cheese. Then come here you little furry wurry piddle pants!


I live a very exciting pretend life.


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