taking chances as a writer

Taking Chances as a Writer

taking chances as a writer

Writing is like being naked.

No wait.

Publishing on the internet is like being naked. And forgetting to shave.

But it’s also a gut punching sensation that keeps me flying through the words. The fact that people are going to read my work and comment on it, good, bad or ugly, keeps me rocking.

But it also makes me do very stupid things, like considering charging for my work.

I’m no saint, y’all. I’m not perfect and anyone who knows me (especially you, dear reader), is already aware that I don’t think things through. I just do them like a mother fricking Nike swish.

Which is not always a bad thing. This type of thinking has somehow helped me garner a following (I think it’s a “let’s go watch the crazy lady” mentality, but I’ll take what I can get), and it’s helped me experiment with different marketing tools that get my work read.

But it also sometimes leads to bad decisions like posting on Facebook that I’ll be charging a one time fee for people to read a private writing blog that I threw together in half a second and I wasn’t even drinking.

I swear.

Needless to say, I took that shit down in a heartbeat and I’ve done some major soul searching since then.

I love writing. I love that you read my writing. And I’m offering my words to the world hands opened, pants off.

I’m just kidding about the pants. OR AM I???? No really, I am. Hashtag too much caffeine.

So you will forevermore be able to read my petrifying first novel drafts on my literary portfolio site no matter how bad some of you beg to edit them (and seriously – somebody on Google+ asked me to edit a chapter because, and I quote, “You show some talent and skill, but you are impatient.” I giggled so hard I farted.)

Additionally, if you’ve been reading For the Love of Chuck, there are some other chances I’m taking with this novel:

  • POV. I’m writing this book in the third person but my narrator has a sassy potty mouth. Wonder where she gets it from…
  • Novel or novella? I’m not binding myself to the “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS MUST BE A NOVEL” thought process because I’m just not down for those types of restrictions, you know? There are many a lovely publishing house that consider novellas so why force something if it shouldn’t be forced?
  • Two protagonists versus one. If you’ve read Unkept and hopefully eventually read Dear Heartsyou know that incorporating dueling protagonists is my thang. I’ve reverted back to this model for For the Love of Chuck and want to further delve into the reasons this way of writing a book works for me. Besides my brain potentially being split in half. But more on that later.

I’ll be writing individual posts on each of these topics so get ready for a shitstorm of writing truth coming your way. Bring an umbrella.

Also? Don’t be afraid to be weird, honest, uncut, raw and to the point. But be kind. That’s your homework.

Plus shave. Please.


17 thoughts on “Taking Chances as a Writer”

  1. Hi Ericka, I’m excited to hear and read your writing unedited.Thanks for inspiration to be weird and take chances writing. I love to hear more about your process. I agree we shouldn’t be nailed down to any one way or rules to writing fiction. What do you think about POV? I find 3rd person is harder to write than first person.
    I shaved yesterday. Ha! I, too require caffeine.

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  2. I do think the idea of charging was misguided, but I’ll put it down to too much caffeine. As for people asking if you can edit something, ‘impatient’ or not, well tell ’em to take a hike. They’re not beta readers are they?

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  3. I’ve just shared with everyone via blog that I’m a right bastard and sold my soul to the devil barely 3 months after my first communion! Not sure whether that was a good career move or not for a first time author and blogger. Loved your blog – thanks

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  4. You’re funny! A scream in fact… LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re “Christian but human”, coz that’s not easy (ask me). I’m pretty new to all this, so I’ll be watching out for more, thanks 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! Glad you’re enjoying my blog. And you’re right, definitely not easy, but I think if we’re real with people then we have the opportunity to love and inspire others. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about! So happy you stopped by! 🙂


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