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What’s Been Going Down in Erickaville

Getting one’s shit together feels pretty damn good.

How do I know this? Because I’m in the process of it, my friends.

A lot of you know me as humor blogger, some a published author, others a crazy lady who is a self-proclaimed health nut except when it comes to Cheez-its. Or as I call them, God’s nectar.

But here lately, I’ve been trying to focus on what makes me happy (other than those two people who manage to live with me without finding high places to jump off of…no easy feat, my friends) and here’s what I’ve come up with:

The creative writing I’ve already got in the bag. Sure, the bag smells slightly of stale milk and REALLY needs an editor, but I’m chugging along on For the Love of Chuck and can’t wait to publish my latest updates to Tipsy Lit. (Shit gets crazy, you guys, so stay tuned!)

So let’s talk about the professional writing/marketing thing.

I kind of love it.

And I’ve kind of been obsessed with it for the past seven years.

That’s why I’ve decided to kick up my freelancing career again and actively seek writing and online marketing opportunities with The Copywriter for Hire.

the copywriter for hire

So if you know of any writing gigs that you think I’d be a good fit for, throw ’em my way. Oh and don’t call me for funsies ‘k? Unless you have Cheez-Its.

I’m also getting my ‘gram game on and have finally come up with a fitting public Instagram account for my writing career. It’s called @poemsinpieces and I’d love for you to follow it to get your daily dose of stanza goodness.

poems in pieces

And lastly? I’m making a Spotify playlist for the The Love of Chuck, so enjoy Courtney Love’s soothing voice as you read along.

For the Love of Chuck sound track

I’m pretty insanely happy about being happy. And Cheez-Its.


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