Writing Tip: How to Brand Yourself on Instagram

Copy of Why I Went From Represented Author to

I like to think I’m queen of the Instagram in the simple fact that I’ve created roughly forty-two accounts and most of them contain photos of half-eaten sandwiches and the guy who stocks bread at our local Wal-Mart.

Really, we have to blame his bone structure.

So you can understand why I’ve had to rethink my Instagramming techniques and get down and dirty with this simple fact: I’m a writer. People want to see writerly things from me.

But what? And does that mean I can finally finish these sandwiches?

I’m just kidding. I already did. Because art.

Finding Your Focus: What You Should Be Instagramming and No, It Shouldn’t Be The Bread Guy. Sorry, Dave.

I follow a few writers on Instagram who excel at capturing their lives on camera and this is all well and good except for the simple fact that I suck at it.

Here’s the thing: some things I just don’t want you to know about even though I love you more than a bucketful of sandwiches.

My daughter is off limits. My husband is off limits (except for this, this and this, naturally) and all those gushy wushy wonderfully lovely private moments are mine and mine only. Like the time I found that Gusher under our fridge and it only had one hair on it.

The heavens smiled down that day, friends.

But anyways, what I’m saying is that I had to start brainstorming and decide how I wanted to present my writerly self on the ‘ol Instragram and I decided to focus on what I do best: write and pretend everything is a black and white movie. That way I don’t have to wear make up.

So I’ve been sticking with 3 main rules when Instagramming my heart out:

  • Instagram my poetry.
  • Instagram my face.
  • Use the willow (black and white) filter.

Here are a few sandwich-free examples:

Oh my God, how artsy, right?? Dave is going to be so jealous.

Hashtags: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them, and What to Do When You Run Out of Sandwiches

I haven’t had my current Instagram account for too long, and I’m already up to 120 followers which makes me roughly the same as Beyonce and the guy who frosts Dave’s bangs at the Wal-Mart salon (phenomenal work).

I owe a lot of this awesome followership (is that a word? I don’t care, it’s just after eight and nobody has told me I’m cute yet so I’m a little on edge) to using hashtags.

Finding the RIGHT tags for your work is a pretty epic endeavor and since Beyonce and I look pretty much the same in a bikini, I like to use the TagsForLikes app to make the job easier (this sentence makes sense in my head. And yes, my head is that scary. And yes, I am very cute).

I know I’ve mentioned TagsForLikes in my last Instagram post, but I’ve moved on from using one of their generated list of tags to creating a custom hashtag menu of my own. I’ve done a little research on the best hashtags for writers and have concentrated on poetry themed tags since I’ve been publishing a lot of my poetry on the site.  Because that’s what Beyonce would do and we wear the same size shoe.

Instagram Tools: Making Sandwiches Sexier Since 1945. That’s Not Accurate. I Just Made That Up.

As for Instagram tools, I suggest using Textgram if you’re Instagramming text, the Repost app to repost others’ work onto your own account, No Crop if you want to Instagram a photo that may not be the right dimensions, PicCollage if you’re Instagramming more than one pic and Crowdfire to keep up with who’s following you and who’s dumped you for a bucketful of sandwiches.

I would never do that to you. Neither would Beyonce.

Did you guys here the news? I’m moving into the publishing world, hardcore. Quick! Hand me that sandwich!


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip: How to Brand Yourself on Instagram”

    1. You’re welcome, Lisa! I think it’s a good thing to try something new with our work. You never know if it will turn out to be an incredible way to share our work.


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