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The Vital Lesson This Girl Taught Me

It goes without saying that I love this girl tons, but I admire her even more after this conversation:

Ava: There’s a girl at school who’s mean to me and sometimes makes me cry.

Me: It’s probably best to ignore her then.

Ava: No, I can’t do that because I want to be her friend. If I ignore her, she won’t change and stop being mean.

Um, I totally got schooled by a six-year-old, and I don’t mind it one bit.

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6 thoughts on “The Vital Lesson This Girl Taught Me”

  1. My daughter went through the same thing. I’ll wager other parents of daughters have witnessed this also. It happens to boys too. Some attribute it to the inability of children’s brains to develop as soon as we adults would wish them to. Others say it’s just kids being kids. But bullies have always been around and probably always will. Some of us who were targeted by bullies indeed were the better person and wore them down into friendship. I again will wager that those are few and far between. Though I wish Ava all the luck in her valiant quest, she should also be aware that it might not work and she should consider alternate solutions.

    My solution came after a growth spurt at age 13. They became afraid of what I would do and life changed for the better. It’s been 52 years and no bullies have gotten more than a few words out before they discovered their mistake.

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    1. You’re approach sounds a lot like mine, Mike. But here recently, I’ve been striving to take Ava’s approach. I realize that I’ve been pushing away people who probably need my love and support the most. I fully understand that there’s the possibility that my pride and feelings might get destroyed in the process, but I figure if I’m the type of person to preach peace then I have to make the choice to live it. It certainly isn’t easy, but I remind myself of all the tragedies that take place in the world and how different everything might be if we extend our time and care to those who are troubled most. Thanks for reading, Mike, and taking the time to comment! 🙂

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