How to Use IFTTT for Your Blog

A few of you chimed in on my last #ifttt post letting me know that you love it just as much as I do! It’s such a great tool for #bloggers and #writers who love sharing their work online but give a major thumbs down to the extra time and effort it can take.

So here’s what’s to love about IFTTT:

• It’s free to use. Just sign up with your email.

• You can create “recipes” that link one of your social media accounts to another.

• It’s incredibly user-friendly (says the girl who still has a hard time tying her shoes…what?)

How I use IFTTT:

• I link Instagram to Twitter. By simply using the #twitter hashtag on my photos, they’re automatically posted to my Twitter account, not just the link to my pic but the ACTUAL picture. Way more eye catching to your Twitter followers.

• I also link Instagram to my WordPress account. I’ve chosen a photo-friendly blog theme and have set up the recipe so that it includes the caption to my photo as the text in the post. I do, however, have to manually go in and add a title and featured image to my WP posts, but the WP app takes care of that.

There are TONS more recipes to try. Which ones do you absolutely love?

And be sure to check out IFTTT’s website!


1 thought on “How to Use IFTTT for Your Blog”

  1. Hi Ericka The advent of technology has certainly made task easy for every one and one gets exposure to various platforms with just a click of mouse. Yes I am going to register myself on IFTTT and see the things happening . Thanks for sharing the information


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