Being an Adult is Hard for Me

I’m volunteering at Ava’s school today, so I decided to go as an adult (or what a tiny wood nymph would imagine an adult looks like).
FUN FACT: I was having lunch with Ava at school and after getting on to our table, her teacher goes: “Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Clay. I just assumed you were one of the children.”

You and me both, lady. You and me both.

from Instagram:


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  1. Lillian says:


    It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out and about in the blogging world and just decided to visit and say, “Hi.”

    The blogger formerly known as “Kina”


    1. Ericka Clay says:

      Seriously! And “Hi!” right back at ya. 🙂


  2. The time I get mistaken for an adult I may go and live in a cave

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  3. bluebiologist says:

    I loved this, especially as I can definitely relate! I work in a school and get mistaken by my colleagues for one of the children ALL the time !


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