Be the Change |

Be the change.

Be the Change |

This has always been a tough one for me.

I’ve always been one to talk a big game about being selfless and loving others, but I was also always the first one to wave my middle finger out on the road.

Sorry, traffic.

It really wasn’t until I allowed Christ to be part of the equation that I could really even consider putting others in front of my needs, my wants, my ambition.

It was easy to guard my heart in the name of self-preservation. It only made sense to constantly defend myself because humility and kindness meant weakness to me. It meant setting yourself up just to get torn down.

But then I became tired of being so bitter. I wanted something more for myself. And I wanted something more for the people who came in contact with me.

I realize I’ve been given the chance to give love in such a way that it reworks the course of humanity and heals a slew of broken hearts. We all have. And that, for me, is more than enough reason to celebrate today and the opportunity it brings.

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5 thoughts on “Be the change.”

  1. It’s really helpful to get yourself in this mindset as a writer. It definitely helps you take constructive criticism in ways that convince your beta readers to come back AND that improves your outlook in the end. Being defensive gets you nowhere; it just makes you feel like you’re already perfect. I greatly dislike doing edits for people only to have them say I’m wrong and their stuff is fine for all these reasons!

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    1. I actually wrote another post about how criticism from book reviewers is an awesome thing and how it can remarkably help your writing. We’re definitely on the same page, Mica! Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


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