“It’s hard to train an unruly heart…”

Why I Decided To Break Up With Facebook...Again By Ericka Clay


First lessons
Are the hardest,
Like teeth
Trained to unbraid
And seek
What’s beneath
The paper
And the pen.

You see,
There’s a bit
Of truth
To all the characters
I played,
But razor me
Up and down
And I will
A flag
Made of flesh,
When brain
And heart no
Longer mesh.

But trust this truth:
I am not a liar.

Merely a player
On this stage.

And don’t forget
The evil hand is coiled
With anger,
Knotting its knuckles,
Wrapped around
The vicious crank.

And don’t forget
He is watching,
His flesh unbraided,
Like mine,
Like yours.

All the same.

It’s hard to train
An unruly heart,
Even harder,
An unruly brain.

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Photo credit: Sharon Salzberg


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