This week’s goals: research, read, pray and love.

on Instagram:
Leaving church with a clear head and heart and a determined focus to live my life for Him and others.

This week’s goals: • research nursing home where we can volunteer our time on saturdays as a family • continue reading/studying the bible using resources like to answer any questions I have • update my echo app with prayers i’d like to focus on this week • work on removing my pride and remember that people breed negativity when they’re hurting and that I can help to heal that hurt

Here’s to a loving, prayerful week that turns words into action. ❤

#church #sunday #goals #christian #godfirst #love #newlife #wp #twitter


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  1. paully1965 says:

    Enjoy your Day..

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    1. Ericka Clay says:

      Thank you, and you, too!


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