A low-cal social media diet.

social media image
Every once in a while I take my life’s pulse.

Simply put, I scan for areas of improvement and start working on the better version of me.

(Blame Oprah.)

I’ve recently found one such area that I’m tweaking (twerking? hahaha…no), and I’m already feeling oodles better: my social media life.

My teeth are rotting. Help.

I hate Facebook and Instagram. There, I said it. And I know, I know, you’re all like, “But Ericka, you’re a social media maven with slightly decent hair and a Romanesque nose that just won’t quit.” And yeah, maybe the old me was. But now?

I’m tired. I just want to live. I want to stop comparing my life to others’. I want to stop inwardly seething at blatant political posts and getting all frazzled, not because somebody I know has a particular political mindset, but because they’d much rather exercise their right to incessantly chatter into an online void instead of realizing how it might make others feel. I’m also tired of taking photos of my sandwiches.

This me, me, me generation is starting to rot my teeth, you guys. And frankly, my soul.

And I don’t want to add to it.

Let’s start a different conversation.

When it boils down to it, I think blogging gives me the freedom to fully express what’s dancing between the sheets of my brain. Instagram and Facebook are just tiny nuggets of truth, and half the time, they’re not even that truthful.

Do you know how many times it takes me to snap a selfie? 72. And that doesn’t even include choosing a filter.

Here’s my truth: my skin isn’t always clear, sometimes I’m a little hungover, I snap at my kid, I snap at my husband, I love them more than my heart can take, I fail God like I’m Judas Iscariot’s twin sister Jane, and I don’t always shave my legs.

But I’m still loved and accepted and don’t need to worry about mindless swiping, mindless likes to make me whole.

Know thyself.

If you’re eyeing my home page right now, you’ll see links to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. For me, these don’t count. I’m never on them and if I do happen to take a stroll down Pinterest lane, I’m probably looking up 5 million ways aloe is going to turn me into Jennifer Lopez (I’ll keep you posted).

You gotta know what’s working and what’s hacking at your inner peace with a chainsaw.

And for me? Those channels barely tickle.

Challenge time.

So if you want to chat with me, human being to human being, I invite you to check out this page and send me your inner thoughts. I’d like to get to know you while having absolutely no clue what your lunch looks like.

(Oprah would be proud.)

Oh and one more thing. Which social media channel do you need to give the ax to?


11 thoughts on “A low-cal social media diet.”

    1. It’s funny how daunting it feels to attempt to cut ties to something like social media. But now I’m like, “What took me so long??” Oh and hi there, fellow non-Facebooker. It’s refreshing to say that.

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      1. I’m a Pinterest fan except for when they aim posts “I might like” at me that in no way, shape, or form are my cup of tea. And I’m all like “Just leave me alone so I can go drool at this herringbone tile over here, mmmkay?”


  1. Good for you! I hate facebook and instagram too. It shows the best 10% of someone’s life, but not the real story, and then it would just lead me to feel like I was doing something wrong with my life. I don’t use it anymore and feel a lot better about myself.

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    1. Good! And you should. We’re all here to stumble and fall and learn from our mistakes. It’s tough to do that when we beat ourselves up for making them in the first place.

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  2. What an insightful post, its true that many of us/people are consumed with triviality in social medias especially facebook and instagram among others without knowing. It resonates with what i tried to write about in my post. Thank you very much for sharing
    please visit this blog and you will learn a lot about the world https://whatisrealitysite.wordpress.com

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    1. You’re welcome. What always gets me is how people are shocked I’m not on Facebook when they’re staring me in the face in real life. So weird.


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