5 AM

These are the first three things I see in the morning. And my mornings are early. It’s mind blowing because for the past 2 years I’ve had to wake up early enough for the muscles in my face to hurt and now I’m at home. Now it’s summer. But I still beckon when 5 AM calls. It’s almost like I crave the morning, the simplicity, the early prayer. I used to crave vodka. I used to have a blog and write about vodka and it was all a big joke but it’s kind of not when you drink it every night. I don’t think vodka’s wrong. I think I’m wrong for abusing it. For having used it to fill a hole. But who doesn’t do something like that? We all have holes. We all have fingers grasping and searching for something to fill them. But things are different now. I wake up at 5 and am thankful there’s no raw buzz in my brain, pounding at the temples. I kiss my husband, I make my breakfast drink: greens and chia seeds mixed with water. I taste it, earthy and rich and wonder what the day will bring. I guess what I’m saying is choice is a necessary evil. But it can also be the best thing if you play it right. #breakfast #greendrink #christiansofig #goodmorning #vodka #alcoholism #chiaseeds #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #alcoholic #confession #potd #potd📷 #christian #healthychristian #workoutmotivation

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