Junk room.

I think changing your life is like tackling your junk room. This is mine, by the way. My house is very clean. If you take down a plate to fix a snack, I’m liable to wash it and put it back in the cabinet before you know what’s happening. But there’s definitely a room that’s been building. It harbors all the things I’ve lost track of: half-finished art projects, scratched up CDs, a box of wires apparently for all the wiring I plan to do one day, a million legos, not quite a million dress up outfits, pictures of faces I’ve nearly forgotten. A keyboard. Nobody plays that damn keyboard. It’s a travesty really. And my personal favorite: a box that’s partly on it’s side as if it’s going to take the plunge any moment if you even look at it funny. Somebody should really straighten that box. It’s my main goal for the summer. To declutter, organize, make this space, well, actual space. And there’s a way to declutter, whether it’s a room in your house or a room in your head: 1. Start small. Take a chunk, maybe the photos, maybe the box of dress up clothes. Maybe start journaling the hurt. Sort through and make it your goal just to complete that one thing for the day. 2. Enlist help. Nobody can tackle a messy room or broken heart alone. Everyone needs a friend to work through the pain. 3. Forgive yourself. Sometimes clutter happens. Sometimes trauma happens. Sometimes life happens. We tend to beat ourselves up when we look over the fence and see a bunch of happy faces and think our grass isn’t as green. Your grass is just fine. Trust me. Somebody called me brave for my previous confessions. I appreciated the compliment but I started to think how much braver you have to be to put on lipstick, smile your pretty smile, and slowly close the door and pray to go God that nobody peaks inside. Here’s to coming clean. #letgoletgod #christiansofig #christiansofinstagram #truth #bible #messyroom #blackandwhite #potd #confession #tips #diytips #reallife #momsofinstagram #motherhood #family #honesty #god #jesus #workinprogress #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #thisisme #organize #organization

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1 thought on “Junk room.”

  1. OMG – Junk room Title – As they say “Clutter is anything that doesn’t belong in a space – whether it belongs elsewhere in your home or it doesn’t belong in your home any longer

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