1/28/2019 Devotional

But the people of Israel broke faith in regard to the devoted things…

Joshua 7:1

My Bible study group is finishing reading Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy by Lisa Harper and man, is it something I needed to read.

Yesterday, we watched a video that goes with the study that captures Lisa talking to two men who are serving life sentences at Angola Prison (Louisiana State Penitentiary) and the joy they’ve found in Christ against all odds.

One of the men mentioned his background story and it spoke to me: raised Catholic, introduced to God, never had the eyes to see or know him.

Until he spent nine years alone in a prison cell with nothing but God, and as he put it: “I don’t think you can fully know God until God is all you have.”

I’ve had that moment in my life. I get it.

The other man mentioned something else, something that I think is important to remember during our bouts of suffering: God wasn’t leaving Job to his own devices when He stripped him of everything he ever knew and loved. He was raising him up.

Because nobody else had a faith and love for God so strong that they would be able to carry on a conversation, a deeper knowing and understanding of God amidst their grief.

“His wife said to him, ‘Are you still trying to maintain your integrity? Curse God and die.'” (Job 2:9 NLV).

Job’s wife wasn’t very supported. And I think we’re no stranger to her attitude.

Curse God. And die.

Or maybe something else.

Maybe understand that this life isn’t about the big house, nice car and, showing off on Facebook.

Maybe there’s a deeper meaning here. A real journey we’re taking. A test.

You’re the one that holds the answer key. You can choose to use it and pass or join the ranks of all the others who curse God.

And eventually die.

But how much I know you want to live.

Dear Lord,

I pray we understand in the midst of our suffering and hold on to the line of hope that is You. I thank you for choosing us for the trials we’re enduring, for refining us through the fire of hard times to truly know your heart and to better understand our own. We pray we choose life. Always.


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