1/29/2019 Devotional

And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Do not fear and do not be dismayed.’

Joshua 8:1

Sometimes I wake up with an uneasy feeling in me.

It’s the edge of a dark sheet slowly covering my eyes and my heart.

I have a hard time pinning down joy in these moments, and it’s not anything in particular weighing me down.

Maybe it’s just the weight that comes with the cost of living.

Exhaustion. Another day on repeat.

Again, my thinking needs to change.

I have countless moments at my feet, each one I can utilize to make God’s message stronger in my own heart and others’.

I can let the sheet surround me, wrap me tightly, or use the time I’ve been given to receive and give joy.

I’m trying my best to realize that becoming the victim is very much an action taken on my part.

But so is, too, becoming a person the Lord redeems.

Dear Lord,

Please let us always remember that you are the great redeemer no matter our situation or how we feel about ourselves in any given moment. Please allow us to let go and let You take the reign of our lives, constantly reminding us of all we can accomplish with the time You’ve given us. Thank You for giving us another day to do Your will.


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