Where I’ve been lately.

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I’m alive.

Quite, actually.

And I’ve gotten a few acceptances lately, so here’s where you can find me:

  • Heart of Flesh has published three of my poems: “You’ve Come Undone,” “Like a Green Olive Tree,” and “Hearts Carved from Rock.” And please go check out the editor’s note. Veronica runs this mag and she’s my online twin. A Sylvia Plath die hard and former atheist, she now loves Jesus but still loves writing and publishing the gritty and raw. Because let’s face it guys, that’s what the Bible’s all about.
  • Ruminate wants to publish my piece, “Finding Road, Not Water” on their blog. This piece should be published some time in August so I’ll update you when it’s available online.
  • Rock and Sling will be publishing “Just as the Gazelle is Eaten” in their next issue. You can see what they’re all about here.

Anyhoodle, other than that, I’m teaching my daughter division (my head hurts), I’m teaching myself guitar (my fingers hurt), and I’m in the process of joining my church’s worship team so I can sing and tell God how perfect He is.

Life’s sweet, friends. And I’m mighty grateful for that.

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