Ask the Author – Episode 1

“Why did you go from a traditionally published author to a self-published one?”

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Published by Ericka Clay

Hey, I'm Ericka! I'm a traditionally (and self) published novelist, former atheist, and current Christian. I know. I just finished writing my super gritty novel, a Violent Hope, that isn't the typical, cavity-inducing Christian fiction. So I currently find myself between a rock and a hard place when trying to find a publisher. What’s a girl to do? Publish the book herself! I'm creating my own imprint (Believable Books) and blogging every detail about it at Come learn more about my process and my novel, A Violent Hope. And don't forget to say "hey" when you see me online. Check me out at @erickatheauthor on Instagram and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Ask the Author – Episode 1

  1. Hey babe! I couldn’t find where I sign up to receive your podcasts. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks so much, love you Mom


    1. Hey Mom! Do you see the follow button on this episode? You should be able to click that. OR if you go to and scroll all the way down, there’s a subscription place where you can put your email addresss. Love you!!


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