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Thanks to author Shelley Wilson for featuring my interview and letting me share about A Violent Hope!

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I have great pleasure in sharing my interview with Ericka Clay, author of A Violent Hope. Ericka talks about home schooling, blinking a book into existence, and sharing the gospel.

Ericka Clay is a published novelist and the author ofUnkept andDear Hearts. She graduated from the University of Arkansas creative writing program and has published a book of short stories and poetry. She has been awarded a number of times by Writers Digest for various short fiction pieces, and has written four novels (one of which placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest). Ericka has had the privilege of sharing her craft, teaching writing classes and holding writers workshops in the South Texas area. She’s released her latest novel,A Violent Hope, for publication through her publishing imprint,Believable Books.

Ericka lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, daughter, two dogs and…

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Published by Ericka Clay

Hey, I'm Ericka! I'm a traditionally (and self) published novelist, former atheist, and current Christian. I know. I just finished writing my super gritty novel, a Violent Hope, that isn't your typical, cavity-inducing Christian fiction. So I currently find myself between a rock and a hard place when trying to find a publisher. What’s a girl to do? Publish the book herself! Come learn more about my process and my novel, A Violent Hope, at And don't forget to say "hey" when you see me on Twitter (@ecauthor) and Facebook (@ecauthorpage).

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