Dinosaurs, of all things.

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When I was an atheist, they started building the ark.

It was really a wildy funny notion that I liked to poke fun at in my head. But then of course I became a believer a year later, and I knew in my heart of hearts that Scripture was the infalliable word of God.

But then how? I mean the dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, the flood. How could I, as a logical human being who has never had any beef with the scientific world, make these things make sense?

Well, I did some digging, and a few things struck me as incredible.

The first thing? We all have an agenda to push. Even the secular scientific world. We all are human beings who want our worldviews to be accepted. And just because we use science to attempt the justifcation of our perspectives, it doesn’t naturally mean that our perspectives are steeped in real truth. Science is the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. The past cannot be observed, however, we can interpret relics from the past through our own scope of understanding. Just ask Charles Lyell, the Scottish lawyer whose intent was to “free science from Moses.” He had absolutely no proof that Moses (and therefore Genesis) was wrong. He just didn’t want to hear about it anymore. And if the world didn’t work that way, why not offer both sides of the coin (naturalism and creationism) as viable modes of thinking that students can choose between based on their own understanding and conviction?

Spoiler alert: because the world doesn’t want to give you a choice, especially one that means it might just have to bend its knee to God.

The second? Science and scientists, like everything and everyone else, are falliable.

On that note, I’d like to point out a few things:

  • The dimensions of the ark are mapped out in Genesis. They’re actually the exact same dimensions used in the Ark Encounter. The ark itself wasn’t a cute little boat with a couple of adorable animals on it. It was a massive structure that took years to build. Oh and Noah wasn’t an innocent, good-natured Grandpa type we see in the storybook version. He ended up making wine and getting drunk soon as he hit land. He was a real human being who sinned like the rest of us. Just saying.
  • The word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen. The word means “terrible lizard.” How fitting. This being the case, the Bible obviously never makes mention of the word “dinosaur” but it does make mention of “behemoth,” “leviathan,” and “tannin” (which means “dragon”). Take a look at this article to read and study the verses that describe dinosaurs more in depth.
  • I think it’s utterly fascinating that nearly every original people group on this planet has some sort of flood legend stemming from the time of the Biblical flood. I also think it’s incredible how many legends about dragons exist, including flying dragons (again also found in the Bible – try not to call someone a “fiery flying serpent” today. I dare ya).
  • “Two of every kind” does not mean the same thing as “two of every species,” meaning there were far less animals on the ark than we think.
  • Dinosaurs orignally ate only plants (as did Adam and Eve and all other living things in the garden), so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think all of the animals subsisted on this type of diet for a short while until they hit land again. As for how humans could tame a huge t-rex, realize that adult creatures most likely weren’t put on the ark. If God wanted to re-populate the world, he’d choose young, healthy specimens to get the job done, which means these dinosaurs would be a lot smaller than their adult counterparts.
  • Just my opinion, but wouldn’t something like water be an ideal candidate to wipe out the majority of dinosaurs and then bury said dinosaurs deeply in the ground because, well, water is pretty stinking dense? As for the dinosaurs that existed after the ark landed, I assume they became extinct just like a number of animals that go extinct from hunting. I still get sad about the dodo. And I get that a dinosaur is a little bit bigger and fiercer than a dodo. But man has always had a way of getting what he wants, for better or for worse. Spoiler alert: The answer is always worse if you read your Bible. Hashtag, trust in Jesus and not yourselves, y’all.

I’ll end this with saying that ultimately, your worldview is up to you. You can take in the information and read and learn and use discernment in understanding all that you’re processing. But don’t let anyone else be in charge of that. Science is a beautiful tool that helps define the “how” and “why” behind so many things in this world. But just like everything else, it has been touched by sin and serves to divide instead of unite. Don’t let it do that to you. Listen to others, no matter what they believe, and give them the respect they deserve. We live in an era where we cruelly tear people apart without giving them the opportunity to think for themselves, and when they’re wrong, to confess, repent and do better. But WE don’t have to live that way.

Like anything in this life, it’s a choice.

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