How self-assessment can heal your heart.

I have problems. You’ve probably realized this by now. But I do think one of the greatest gifts God’s given me is the ability to self-assess my motives.

Self-assessment leads to understanding God’s conviction, then to confession, which leads to repentance. It’s a hard act of uncovering the wrongs in our hearts. But it’s a crucial tool to feel Christ’s peace.

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© 2023 by Ericka Clay

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5 thoughts on “How self-assessment can heal your heart.

  1. Pingback: Embracing scary…again. – Ericka Clay

  2. Once again—uncanny. Haha. And fully understandable. The normal Christian life is not one of self-focused introspection, but you can lay your life down on the cross you’ve picked up that the Holy Spirit delights in conforming us into the image of the One who willingly laid Himself down on that cross before you!! That life does include the conviction and repentance that comes with such a union. He leads us into it out of love. Brava, sister. Keep on keeping on.

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