Taking hold of my writing future.

I don’t have everything figured out. But as I study God’s word and remove distractions from my life to hear His voice, I’m met with absolute peace, including when it comes to my writing career.

I share next steps for my books and also talk about the ways God has been moving through my life recently.

Click play to hear my heart.

© 2023 by Ericka Clay

Listen to all my diary entries here.

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The Bible Recap
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4 thoughts on “Taking hold of my writing future.

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  2. What’s scary is I knew the number of your diary entry before you said it. 😂 Also, loving how you’re coveting the Peace of the Lord in your life, and the realistic mindset to pay close attention to the One who gets us there. His approach—how He addresses all of us as individuals, bringing us into the Way of His Shalom (complete wholeness) is truly amazing!! So personal. We only have to abide in that circle of life, which isn’t difficult after tasting His goodness, and realizing He’s way better than anything the world offers.

    Brava! So—no, not weird at all, as in not at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen to that, Anne! I’m always perplexed by the parables of those who fall away because I can’t even imagine doing that after what I’ve experienced in this life. It’s good to know someone who understands this too. Thank you for reading! 🙂


  3. Good afternoon Ericka!

    I just got done listening to your podcast. Thank you for that! I feel what you feel for social media. Scrolling is a waste of my precious time but feel as if it is necessary to build my platform. I’m going against the grain and focusing on sharing my weekly blog post on my Instagram and FB, with little engagement on other’s posts. Slowly I am seeing and feeling the fruits of my labor!

    Would you share what material you are using for your Bible studies? I would like to dig deeper in the Bible.

    Much appreciated! Karen


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