Adeline Wyatt

About The Book

Adeline Wyatt, twenty-two year old recluse, is living testament to her mother’s mistakes.  She lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment, combating the lonely dark that rapidly surmounts until the day she meets her new neighbor, Rodney.  Rodney takes advantage of Adeline, raping her in his apartment but instead of seeking help Adeline seeks out Rodney’s girlfriend, Carla Lenovic, in order to form some sort of intimate friendship.

Carla, a stripper by night, unfit mother by day, strings Adeline along for entertainment rather than companionship.  She uses Adeline for transportation and the only time she actually invites Adeline over is when she confronts her about sleeping with Rodney.  Carla threatens to kill Adeline if she ever comes close to Rodney again, ending the premature friendship Adeline desperately hoped would bloom.

Finding herself alone and unloved once again, Adeline attempts to end her life by swallowing a bottle of aspirin, only to wind up in the hospital.  In a drug-induced haze, Adeline lets the hospital staff and her parents know what Rodney has done to her and she is forced to move back in with her parents.

Lola Wyatt, Adeline’s thirty-eight year old mother, has a few issues of her own.  She is a lifelong temp, provisionally working for companies until the next best thing comes along, usually in the form of yet another fast food place.  But this time her husband and Adeline’s stepfather, Daniel, has managed to secure her a legitimate, even if temporary, position as a secretary at a friend’s company. Lola begins her new job at Harmon Innovations with an uneasy mind, knowing that her husband is having an affair with his assistant.  But she’s determined to prove that she, too, is still desirable and attempts to start an affair with her boss, Lex Roland.  Lola is consequently fired after an embarrassing ordeal with Lex at a restaurant and goes home to an even more daunting situation.  Her daughter, Adeline, is returning home and her husband is going to leave her.

Daniel moves out and starts living with his bubbly blond assistant, Krista, while Lola is forced to take care of Adeline on her own.  Out of work, Lola returns to her temp agency and is placed at a company called Miss Marsh’s Maids.  Miss Marsh’s Maids, as it turns out, is nothing more than a group of ragtag women working out of Beverly Marsh’s trailer.  Lola is inclined to leave but she knows she needs to make mortgage payments so she stays, and subsequently makes friends with a fellow employee, Carla Lenovic.

Adeline also finds work, although hers is of the volunteering nature.  On the suggestion (or demand) of her mother, she volunteers her time at Shady Lakes Retirement Home where she is coerced into calling bingo only to be heckled by a gaggle of blue haired ladies.  She does, however, find a new friend, Julia who also works at Shady Lakes, even if Julia is more reluctant to be friends than Adeline is.  The two work on a potential relationship until one evening when Julia takes Adeline to a party.  Adeline kisses the boy that Julia is interested in and from that point forward, Julia wants nothing more to do with Adeline, leaving Adeline to once again spiral down into the depths of her depression.

Even though it takes Lola a great deal of self-evaluation, she finally realizes that she is the one to blame for Adeline’s misery.  She has never been honest with Adeline (or herself for that matter) about her own rape that resulted in pregnancy.  She has never told Adeline about her real father, Jackson Price, and she has never apologized for the way she abused Adeline when she was younger.  It takes a journey to Jackson’s house and a night spent with Jackson’s current wife to realize she must try and undo the damage she has done for over two decades.

When she returns home to face her daughter, to tell her that she truly does love her and is sorry she has been so selfish, she finds Adeline’s lifeless body in her dark closet.  Lola now knows there is no way to climb back up that very bumpy hill and must suffer the realization alone.