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Writing, publishing, and Jesus. Oh my.

Hi, I’m Ericka. I’m a published author, former atheist, and currently in the process of starting my own publishing imprint. Come along for the ride as a I self-publish my novel, A Violent Hope, and smash industry standards with a gritty contemporary fiction novel that has a heart for Jesus.

It’s Not a Competition

There are too many amazing people in my life. And I don’t necessarily mean successful ones. Sunday’s Sermon reminded us that Jeremiah was a “failed” prophet. He never was able to persuade one person to follow the Lord. But Jeremiah wasn’t a failure. Because maybe the point wasn’t His ability to change people. Maybe the […]

The Ask the Author Podcast

Every Tuesday, Ericka is releasing a new podcast where you can ask her anything! She covers everything from writing and publishing to her personal faith and homeschooling. Got a question? Be sure to ask it. You can find all podcast episodes here. Sign up below to subscribe to Ericka’s podcast.   Have you pre-ordered A […]

Ask the Author – Episode 2

“What is your marketing plan for your book?” Sign up below to receive episodes in your inbox. Other ways to listen… Stitcher Spotify Itunes Have you pre-ordered A Violent Hope yet?

I Am

I am.   Our children’s pastor shared a sermon yesterday that politely smacked me in the face.   See, I have this issue of being a control freak.   As a writer, I create worlds. And I very much want this one to be my own.   I like to dictate who I am in […]


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