I Am

I am.   Our children’s pastor shared a sermon yesterday that politely smacked me in the face.   See, I have this issue of being a control freak.   As a writer, I create worlds. And I very much want this one to be my own.   I like to dictate who I am inContinue reading “I Am”

The Big Breath Mantra

Parenting is hard. A lot of things are hard, but I digress.  The phrase “His mercies are new every day,” keeps hitting me like a ton of bricks. My mercies are hardly ever new. They’re barely refurbished. I can hold a grudge so hard, it’s a miracle if it doesn’t break apart in my hand.Continue reading “The Big Breath Mantra”

Little Bitty

There’s an Alan Jackson song that features these lyrics: “Well, it’s alright to be little bittyA little hometown or big old cityMight as well share, might as well smile 🎼Life goes on for a little bitty while” When I was a kid, I enjoyed the tune but found the lyrics to be atrocious. I wasn’t goingContinue reading “Little Bitty”

Choose Jesus, Not Religion

I watched a #youtube video the other day about a woman who left the Mormon church and how she was now helping others do the same as a trained therapist. That didn’t bother me because Mormonism is lost on several biblical truths (as are a ton of so-called Christian religions who place tradition over God’s word). WhatContinue reading “Choose Jesus, Not Religion”

No Laughing Matter

“Lord Jesus, I offer myself to Your people. In any way. Any place. Any time.” – Corrie Ten Boom I read (okay, skimmed) an article in The Atlantic recently about how witchcraft is on the rise. People are scared. They’re looking for guidance. I know a lot of people might roll their eyes and thinkContinue reading “No Laughing Matter”

Self-publishing as a Ministry

I finished the book. No. Let me try that again. I. FINISHED. THE. BOOK. Relief. Happiness. An internal conflict brewing that worries me ceaselessly and provokes me to think that no matter what route I take with this thing, it will be the wrong one. You know. The usual. But there’s something way different thisContinue reading “Self-publishing as a Ministry”

The Art of Listening

I love a good meme. And I also don’t. I forget how beautifully quiet the world is when I’m not on Facebook. I forget how God made me to be a listener, not a sponge for other people’s thoughts and opinions. I get back on sometimes because I mistakenly believe I have to be aContinue reading “The Art of Listening”

Distant but Social

A few weeks ago, I socialized. Distantly. It was much needed. A few friends (under 10) and I got together a healthy six feet apart in our church parking lot and talked. T-A-L-K-E-D. This post is about how I’m horrible at talking in groups. Like, HORRIBLE. It’s a tennis match for me, and I feelContinue reading “Distant but Social”

Bury Those Forks

Job’s friends are the worst. They’re slowly sticking a fork into his side in an attempt to “comfort” him. Here’s a man who’s lost everything. His children, his home, his health. Even his wife tells him to curse God and die. I relate to Job. But I’d be a liar if I said I didn’tContinue reading “Bury Those Forks”