I Don’t Do It for the Friendships

Sometimes, I don’t want to talk about Jesus. There. I said it. Not just speaking, not just believing but FOLLOWING Jesus means giving every part of myself. And because my venue has always been writing and blogging (the latter since 2009, what what), I know this is the platform God’s designed for me. He wantsContinue reading “I Don’t Do It for the Friendships”

My Corona Virus Game Plan

Things are different. And I’m not scared. I’ve always been good with change. We used to move around a lot and it got to the point that I craved it. In fact, I sometimes get bored sitting here in one place. And since five years ago, since those evenings when I was locked tight andContinue reading “My Corona Virus Game Plan”

That One Time I Was an Atheist

I recently listened to an interesting interview with Becket Cook on Focus on the Family. He’s a former homosexual who hit it big in the fashion industry and was besties with all sorts of people, including well known actors and actresses. Two points of his story resonated scarily well with me: He practiced practical atheismContinue reading “That One Time I Was an Atheist”

Almost Perfect

I did it. I went without make up yesterday and lived to talk about it. IT. WAS. FREEING. All my life I’ve been little miss perfect. There’s even a Shel Silverstein poem called “Almost Perfect” about Mary Hume who goes around muttering “almost perfect but not quite” about everything that doesn’t meet her standards. IContinue reading “Almost Perfect”

Killing Vanity

Growth is happening. And it’s terrifying. For the past two years I’ve struggled with acne. I’ve always had clear skin and never had to worry about something like that. But the past two years? It’s been MY LIFE. Every day, a frustrating battle of slathering on make up and feeling less than because the imageContinue reading “Killing Vanity”