He loves you, not your Lexus.

Commercialized Christianity. I termed it this way to one of my very cool blog readers (Hi, Daniel!), and it's stuck like gum to the shoe that is my brain. Or something like that. I don't know if you feel it, but it seems pretty prevalent. Doctrine based on the prosperity gospel (this concept that financial blessing and… Continue reading He loves you, not your Lexus.


All the thoughts in my head.

Last week I started getting panic attacks again. An all out black fear that wouldn't let me breathe. It tried to convince me God doesn't exist. And I was choking on that lie, that misguided belief. Before Jesus, I pretty much ascribed to the theory that my mind was dented sometime during the manufacturing process… Continue reading All the thoughts in my head.

Finding road, not water.

I started an email account for my daughter when she was a baby. And I wrote emails to her pretty regularly so you have to imagine that inbox looking like the chronicled thoughts of a post-partum lunatic. I mean, I don't want to brag, but at some points in my life, I could have definitely… Continue reading Finding road, not water.

To suffering: until we meet again.

My Job period is coming to a close. If you haven't heard me screaming from my rooftop and seen the clumps of hair I've been scattering through the city, then let me bring you up to speed: I'm thirty-three-years-old. And I've been battling acne. It's been a hard turn of events for someone who was… Continue reading To suffering: until we meet again.

Three easy ways to save the world.

Somebody on Instagram mentioned how things haven't changed for us women. And she's absolutely right. And they haven't changed for the men either. Or the children. Or every person every shade under the sun. We all live in a personalized hell. And Satan has an uncanny way of making us feel like we're drowning in… Continue reading Three easy ways to save the world.

Cuter than a bucket full of baby chicks.

Like, no. I'm writing with the purpose of publishing my work and achieving my dreams. This is insanity when you think about it. I had a short stint of blogging and getting somewhat popular with the whole blog thing and publishing a book with a publishing company and being a small time big star on… Continue reading Cuter than a bucket full of baby chicks.

Let the dead bury their dead.

Ego. I have a heaping pile of that to give away. I'm smart. No, really. I get that I can't tell time and have a hard time doing simple math ("simple" is really a misnomer and should be ashamed of itself for hanging out with math in the first place), but I once took an… Continue reading Let the dead bury their dead.

Everything must go.

Not everything. Clothes are probably a must. But I don't know. We (my husband and I...just assume from here on out that "we" refers to me and a man I tricked into marrying me ten years ago and stays because I've hidden his keys...in the ice maker...shhh...) love watching Naked and Afraid. At first, I… Continue reading Everything must go.

The lost art of listening.

I can feel the Lord talking to me. A lot of times I make myself too busy to hear it. Dishes and laundry and teaching a nine-year-old and car washes and grocery pick ups and gymnastics classes and homeschool co-ops and field trips and family time and hurt and love and pain and laughter. And… Continue reading The lost art of listening.