When in doubt, meow.

I keep coming back to Zipporah. Zipporah was Moses's wife, and she had a really cool name. You're learning so much today! I think about her a lot now, whereas in her place, I'd usually think about things like what my super hero capability would be (learning to speak cat so I could properly meow)… Continue reading When in doubt, meow.


Maybe it’s more than just karma.

We're moving soon, and I have no idea where. I am quite the planner, and the fact that I can't plan right now is pretty catastrophic. It's right up there with having to wear pants every day. Have you met pants? Evil. I realize now, however, that this is a test of my faith and… Continue reading Maybe it’s more than just karma.

Beyond skin deep.

This is not what my skin does. Remember my other organs? How beautifully I've been crafted by God that even the medical community has frequently commented on it in the past? (Matt stop rolling your eyes.) Well, my skin has jumped ship recently. It's my fault. As the only child of a woman who is… Continue reading Beyond skin deep.

Do they really love Jesus?

Poetry. Let's talk about that. I do this weird thing where I'm like really really good at poetry. Better than I am at talking about how good I am at things. And you have to imagine how frustrating it is to be so good at something nobody likes. It's like if I were really really… Continue reading Do they really love Jesus?

Getting over myself.

Thirty-three is hard for me. It's hard for someone who was consistently mistaken for a sixteen-year-old in her twenties. One time a pharmacist yelled at me because he thought I was skipping school since the high school was right next door. I was twenty-three. And pregnant. But you know, South Texas, y'all. And the other… Continue reading Getting over myself.

Bibles and blazers, oh my.

The closest I ever got to reading the Bible growing up was the Bible as Fiction class I took in college. Wait. Scratch that. I did have a religion class I took in high school. (Think Catholic. All Girls. Blazers. A sobering realization later in life that not everyone gets a brand new car on… Continue reading Bibles and blazers, oh my.

Let go, let God.

I deleted all my previous posts. How's that for minimalism? But it's been something that's been playing on my heart and in my head for awhile now. I'm not who I used to be. I look the same. Ish. And I'm just as brilliant and incredibly humble about it. You're welcome. But fundamentally there's been… Continue reading Let go, let God.