How Build an Author Street Team in 3 Easy Steps

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Okay, let’s start witht the basics. What exactly is an author street team? It’s your tribe, your online (and sometimes, in-person) family. It’s the group of people who have watched you grow from a budding baby author to a full time go-getter who’s about to release their killer first novel.

It’s those who support you and tell the world about your book, and you do your very to support them right back.

So how does one go about getting a band of these amazing peeps?

Let’s break it on down in 3 easy steps!

Choose Your Social Media Platform

Of course, you’re allowed to have as many online platforms as your little heart desires, but I suggest finding the one(s) that help you connect to those who know and love you best.

For me? This is Facebook.

I’ve built a pretty neat Twitter following over the years, so I…

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