Faith Through the Storm

The story is from my third mission trip to Haiti, as my church was going weekly to help after the earthquake. I was selected as the team leader, being the most experienced this time around.

Days before we were scheduled to leave, a hurricane was headed right for us. It was too late to reschedule our flight so we could leave sooner, so we’d have to ride out the storm in Haiti. Most of us were from Florida so normally we’re calm during hurricanes, but being in a country with little to no shelter that is known for bad flooding from storms–especially just after the earthquake–we were worried.

Being the team leader, everyone kept coming to me with concerns and asking for updates. I admit even I was worried.

The next morning, I was alone on the balcony overlooking the land and asked God to please tell me what to say or do. I sat quietly listening to the animals waking up to the sunrise and quietly heard “Matthew.” I opened to the book and kept listening. I then heard “eight.” I waited for a verse but heard nothing, so I began reading the chapter. When I got to verse 26 and read it, I froze. I felt God’s calm and assurance. I went down and joined the team for breakfast and told them what I had read. We all felt better. And sure enough, just like in the verse, hours later we were informed the storm turned north and was no longer headed towards us.

I stopped trying to figure it out and asked God to help us stay calm. He went above and beyond and moved the storm. 

“He replied, ‘You of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”

Matthew 8:26

Phil is a born and raised Floridian, a Christian, husband, father and 8 time 100-mile finisher. You can visit him at

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