Let’s talk about homosexuality.

We like to make pyramids out of sin. My sin being the teeniest and tiniest so it teeters at the very top, but all others are the basis of all things evil, the horrific foundation the world’s built upon.

Obviously, this is wrong thinking.

Still, I’m sure God judges all sin differently. As the ultimate source of justice, He will weigh human fault accordingly. But we aren’t that source of justice. We aren’t the ones sorting and categorizing the hate we give.

However, we don’t act like we truly understand this. We hurt hearts with our vicious thoughts and words and alienate people based on their sexual orientations. I could make a trite observation here: hate the sin but love the sinner. But as R.C. Sproul once pointed out in a tweet, “But it’s the sinner God sends to hell not just the sin.”

So what as Christians are we to do? First of all, we need to see if homosexuality is truly a sin from a Biblical standpoint.

According to the Old Testament (Genesis 9:20–27; Leviticus 18:22, 20:13) and the New Testament (1 Corinthians 6:9–10; 1 Timothy 1:10; Romans 1:26–27) it is pretty apparent that homosexual relations defy the world as God originally created it.

If you look at the Greek version of these texts, there’s really no way around it. Relations between two men and two women are sinful. So why are we even debating this point? Because humans have a knack for playing the “did God really say…?” game.

But someone else played that game once in the Garden. Oh yeah, Satan.

So what about Jesus though? He never said anything outright against it. Well, He never told us to not kick puppies and pinch babies either. But His whole ministry sort of implies that. Jesus did speak about a man leaving his father and mother to join with his wife, and as someone who fulfilled the Scriptures, Jesus understood and upheld them.

I think in our hearts, we know where Jesus stands on this.

God originally created Adam and Eve. Our physical make up as human beings even implies one man, one woman. And through the degredation of sin, we have horribly misinterpretated God’s original design to satisfy our flesh. This, my friend, is a grave error.

That being said, who among us can throw that first stone? As Christians, we know nonbelievers will live as they like. They have no allegience to God and therefore no expectations to live according to His will. I like to think this is where “love covers a multitude of sins.” I firmly believe before speaking, we need to listen.

Typically, homosexual men and lesbian women have suffered a higher percentage of sexual molestation as children than heterosexual people (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11501300/). This isn’t always the case, but a lot of times, people live what they’ve been taught. And if they find comfort in one evil, sometimes, it’s because they’re running from another.

And if they don’t know the peace and comfort of Christ, how can we blame them?

That’s where I look. To Jesus. I don’t criticize or judge anyone for being gay or any other place in the LGBQTIA+ spectrum. If you have hurt in your heart and don’t know truth, then you truly don’t know your own identity. So really, it kind of makes sense. What I do instead is get to know people and love them. Tell them about Christ. Ultimately, it’s their decision if they follow Him or not, not mine. I don’t go in guns blazing thinking, “Okay, time to fix this gay thing.”

Because there’s nothing to fix. Christ already did that on the cross. He died for our sins, our evil deeds, the pain we wrought from horrid childhoods and the darkness we continue to feed as adults. He laid down His life for this very sin so who am I to play the part of some sort of warped super hero who thinks all the broken things of this world are hers to repair?

No. I’m to love people. Not accept the gravity of their decisions but to show them how Jesus paid for mine. And I do that by creating relationships, buying them a cup of coffee, helping them fix a flat, standing up for them when someone calls them an offensive name.

I’m not here to hurt others. I’m here to know the truth, to obey the truth, and to tell others the truth.

I am here because Christ saved me, and it’s my living wish for others to know this salvation too.

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