Let’s talk about linguistic theft.

I’ve been listening to a book called Mama Bear Apologetics.  It’s essentially a book that teaches mothers the art of Christian apologetics (having a defense of the faith) and how to teach these things to our children, especially in light of today’s culture.

To be honest, I’ve been doing this with Ava for a long time now, and I’m sure my fellow former atheist Christians have gotten this one down pat too. There’s nothing we like more than a good argument.

But being on the side that butts heads with culture is an interesting place to be, especially when we consider linguistic theft.

What is linguistic theft you ask? It’s essentially the redefining of words that used to mean one thing and changing their very definition to mean another for the sake of propaganda.

Think words like love, hate, tolerance, etc.

These things mean very different things than they did a few years ago and for very good reason.

When you live in a reality of your own making, where you do your best to ignore and even villify Scriptural truth, you have a gigantic task of redefining everything associated with that truth. 

My question is what is the root cause of this need to change the very fabric of truth? Answer: the denial of sin.

When we want to pretend “our truth” is the right truth (and really, anyone else’s except Jesus’s, of course) we need to get rid of that nasty three letter word that puts a mirror up to our faces and convicts us of wrong.

We don’t like being wrong. We don’t like being convicted. And we certainly don’t like the idea of changing for something other than ourselves.

Do you see the danger here?

The true reality is this: God created this world. There’s no way earth and its creation is a happy circumstance. It defies logic and physics that our universe just popped itself into existence one day and everything that allows us to live (the right amount of oxygen in our atmosphere, the concept of gravity, the way the sun rises EVERY SINGLE DAY at the same time, etc.) just came about because, well, why not? When you see a building, you know there must have been a builder, right? That building just didn’t appear from thin air.

And neither did we.

And within God’s world, there are essential truths that cannot be redefined like the marriage convenant between man and woman that glorifies the very nature of God or the idea that tolerance is the ability to have a different worldview from your neighbor but still choosing to live in peace. It is not an acceptance of his or her worldview but a loving acceptance of that person.

We live in a world where everyone and everything (again, except Jesus) is right. My question to you is why are we even still talking about Him today then? If He’s just some bogus 2,000-year-old carpenter/false prophet dude then why do people take His name in vain and not Buddha’s? Not Shiva’s?

It’s because He is the truth. And Satan despises that, and that is why he whispers in the world’s ear just like he did Eve’s.

Did God really say that two men can’t marry? Did God really say that aborting your unborn child is sinful?

And then He plays on the concept of God hating you for your sins and removing the concept of forgiveness off the table because Satan has no concept of it himself.

But we know God didn’t send Jesus to condemn the world but to save the world (John 3:16-17). In order for us to be saved we have to confess and repent (turn away from) our sins. 

If you were Satan, wouldn’t you want to keep the whole world from doing this?

So linguistic theft. It’s a thing. But the Church is a thing too. And the more we read Scripture and protect ourselves with the Word of God, the more we can equip our children and those around us to walk in an ever-changing world.

Because, to get all William Wallace on ya, they may take away our lives (and our words), but they’ll never take our freedom. 

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