The middle of everything.

I am most peaceful when I seek Jesus, and in seeking Jesus, I can clearly see the “middleness” of things. 

There’s a point from which you walk one way or you walk another, and suddenly you’re up in arms against and far from the middle.

When I read Scripture, I don’t see a vast expanse that takes me into emotional hysterics or a conservative theology that makes me turn my face from any good thing in this present life.

What I see is “sober-mindedness,” the ability to process the world around me through the lens of Christ and to never be caught up and away from the path He sets before me.

This is often what man-made religion does. It arcs the path just a bit so that one moment you’re behind the Savior, and the next, behind somebody else.

Church, in some places in time, in some places in the world, becomes a fractured set of ignoble rules and regulations or a people stagnant and in need of a good shaking.

It is often not as Christ defined it: the bride, the body of disciples walking, crosses strapped across backs and enduring the race that is never easy, never kind.

It is often as we define it though: a place to receive an encouraging pat on the back and a “go get ‘em!” as we carry a prosperity gospel close to our hearts.

We have deceived ourselves. We have walked down roads never made for us.

The answer isn’t in the current state of things. The answer is always something, somewhere else. It’s back to the beginning point, to that place where you find yourself in the present moment, to the place where your finger marks Scripture.

The answer is in Jesus who is in the middle of everything.

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