The worst thing about anyone is being a child

and knowing everything about love

and nothing about the loss of it.

So when you’re two people

and the little things fester

like the way his eye twitches

when words skip through your teeth,

you think about the tomorrow,

how this is just a blip.

How love plants deep like

little seedlings in the ridge of your spine.

But you don’t even think

about watering them

with tears.


We are all

That little girl

Whose mother


And the loss

Is potted,


Good plant

Set in the sun

But won’t

Turn its face

To drink.

Wild Donkeys Go Blind From Starvation

Pigs and pearls

And little girl dreams

And the nothing

More than what I’m not.

And you, 




Birthed by an 



Your flint tongue

Set the

Grass on fire,

But can you

Eat the


You Hope for Light

But darkness

Is the cat that 

ate it,

And God is 

The spirit

Who sent 

The cat.

God is never

Surprised, not

Even when your

Eyes boil with 

Hot tears and your

Mind roughly thumbs

Through all you’ve 

Set on fire. 

Smashed Like Jars

Drunk and bloated

On their own confidence

And fighting against

The beat of their own hearts.

Smashed like jars,

Rivers of wine-

Colored blood.

Souls dispersed

And nevermore.

Past meets present,

And I watch it at my feet.

Run Against Horses

Your own mind

Is the time bomb

That releases you

From His peace.

It’s not Him

But your own

Hands that have you

Running against 

People, not horses,

Stuck to the dirt

And grit and galloping

Like a lost lunatic

In a world that’s

Wrecked your name.

Once You Were Like an Olive Tree Covered in Fruit

There you were,

Deeply rooted

In whatever

Lie shrunk you heart,

Branches clawing

At a sky who 

Wouldn’t save 


And do you know how

Many times 

I look in the mirror,

Feel the skin,

Dig deep

Nail by nail,

To find where 

My own roots

Have knotted

And lost the 

Urge to


Wash the Evil from Your Hearts

The death silence 

Is the one thing

You’d remember

If you were there.

But you are not.

Your long hair,


And the party

Clothes stored away.

Because nobody

Is left to celebrate

The day evil

Eats the heart.

The Disaster is Coming

My mouth

Is spoken

But hollow

And torn


With evil


And thoughts

And peeled

Inside, the 

Tongue and 


Flaked away

Like skin dying

In the sun.

Sin is sometimes

The only thing

 I eat, less

Calories, slim waist,

And I take

That quick image

With my eyes

Like it’s the only

Picture worth


Grant me


Dead serpents,

Clean air,

A fiery heart.

Because no

Good deed goes


Let me know 

The punishment,

Like I know

The hard parts

Of the dark.

And All the People Say Amen

Who am I to you

And you to me

That I’m no longer

Dripped in sweet

Red wine

Or the vice that stings

Or the voice that

Cords around

My long white

Neck but drip

Dry of everything

I’ve ever loved

To only fill that void