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I was in a hurry today, but something told me to take a minute and read your story. Boy, am I glad I did! You’re a great writer. I am really enjoying that story and your writing style. Thanks for the diversion–and for starting my day off on a happy note. You are a talented young lady and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. God bless and have a Merry Christmas, btw. – Cynde L. Hammond

I have read chapter one, and I fell in love with her here:

I think because when I read it, that simple worded strand,
it reminds of when my mother said once and only once, “This doesn’t have
anything to do with you.” Right there, my face peering into my father’s casket,
hovering like Peter Pan with her hands around my waist. A lie.

Mom’s lying to me. And it hurts, my heart.

And I fell in love with your writing, and you a little bit to be honest, because of the comma between “hurts” and “my heart”. I would not have teared up otherwise, I don’t believe, and I simultaneously have no idea, and exactly, why that is. You somehow make her rebellion and her kid heart equally genuine, and I’m almost afraid to continue to read because you may be tempted to hurt her. I have issues. – milehigh

I loved this in a dark, twisted way. The character speaks to that broken part that hides inside those of us who have been kicked by life one too many times. There is a sad authenticity to Wrens voice. I like the way you progress from one scene to another, almost unexpectedly. The style makes me feel like ok this girl is really hurting and high. – A.L. Mabry

Wren is a dark child. She’s in a bad place in life, and trying to find some way to make sense of the nonsensical world she is trapped in. She’s being used by everyone around her, but she knows her own strength. She also knows everything she does with her mind or allows to be done to her body will only get her closer to the escape she craves. – Shawn Jones

I have read all the chapters posted. I am hooked. Wren is a very captivating individual, and she seems to be not just a character, but a real life person.

I think what like most of all is that Wren is both immature yet so very grown up. Her belief system is one that has as of yet not seen enough of the world to truly judge it, but unfortunately what she has seen and lived has in a way comitted her to a dark viewpoint of almost everything around her.

I hope there is more to come… – sgphotography77

I read chapter one… it moves along very nicely, and the pictures you draw definitely come across. – snippe



D is for Dysfunctional

The only problem with this work is that it’s too short! Can’t wait for publication of longer works! – Emily Levin

This book is indeed “for all of us”. Ericka has a unique talent of writing with a protagonist that is four years old to sixty – four years old. She writes with poignant truth about our dysfunctions, revealing the sometimes dirty secrets behind them. – Jessica Sita

My favorites are “Hands” and “Emma”. These are short stories that I wished I could see more of. Wonderfully twisted reading. – Cristina T