If you read my work, love it and have some loose pocket change, I would absolutely adore you forever if you threw some my way. I’m currently working toward self-publishing my novels and selling signed copies exclusively through my site. To do this, I need funds to pay my book team (my cover designer, editor and book formatter) so I can make sure I offer you (my amazing readers!) the best books that I possibly can.

There are two ways you can donate, Paypal and Patreon. Both are absolutely wonderful, but if you donate through Patreon, you get cool rewards. Check them out below!

And as my gift for your generosity, I’m linking up all of my free work here!

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  • DONATE $1Do you know how awesome you are? DO YOU? You’ve just committed yourself to helping to produce art and make this world a better place? My gift to you? Writing my little fingers off and posting the work so that you can view it – FOR FREE!
  • DONATE $5: Ask me any question about me, my work, writing, publishing, marketing your writing – whatever you want! And I’ll answer that bad boy directly!
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  • DONATE $50I’ll give you a monthly shout out on my blog and link to your site, social media – whatever your little heart desires!
  • DONATE $100You will receive signed copies of all of my future novels and the knowledge that I’ve built a shrine to you. Feel free to send hair clippings.
  • DONATE $500I’ll put you in the acknowledgments of my future novels and send you signed copies of each one!