I Am

I am.   Our children’s pastor shared a sermon yesterday that politely smacked me in the face.   See, I have this issue of being a control freak.   As a writer, I create worlds. And I very much want this one to be my own.   I like to dictate who I am inContinue reading “I Am”

The Big Breath Mantra

Parenting is hard. A lot of things are hard, but I digress.  The phrase “His mercies are new every day,” keeps hitting me like a ton of bricks. My mercies are hardly ever new. They’re barely refurbished. I can hold a grudge so hard, it’s a miracle if it doesn’t break apart in my hand.Continue reading “The Big Breath Mantra”

Little Bitty

There’s an Alan Jackson song that features these lyrics: “Well, it’s alright to be little bittyA little hometown or big old cityMight as well share, might as well smile 🎼Life goes on for a little bitty while” When I was a kid, I enjoyed the tune but found the lyrics to be atrocious. I wasn’t goingContinue reading “Little Bitty”

Choose Jesus, Not Religion

I watched a #youtube video the other day about a woman who left the Mormon church and how she was now helping others do the same as a trained therapist. That didn’t bother me because Mormonism is lost on several biblical truths (as are a ton of so-called Christian religions who place tradition over God’s word). WhatContinue reading “Choose Jesus, Not Religion”