Three easy ways to save the world.

Somebody on Instagram mentioned how things haven't changed for us women. And she's absolutely right. And they haven't changed for the men either. Or the children. Or every person every shade under the sun. We all live in a personalized hell. And Satan has an uncanny way of making us feel like we're drowning in… Continue reading Three easy ways to save the world.


Everything must go.

Not everything. Clothes are probably a must. But I don't know. We (my husband and I...just assume from here on out that "we" refers to me and a man I tricked into marrying me ten years ago and stays because I've hidden his the ice maker...shhh...) love watching Naked and Afraid. At first, I… Continue reading Everything must go.

Beyond skin deep.

This is not what my skin does. Remember my other organs? How beautifully I've been crafted by God that even the medical community has frequently commented on it in the past? (Matt stop rolling your eyes.) Well, my skin has jumped ship recently. It's my fault. As the only child of a woman who is… Continue reading Beyond skin deep.

Let go, let God.

I deleted all my previous posts. How's that for minimalism? But it's been something that's been playing on my heart and in my head for awhile now. I'm not who I used to be. I look the same. Ish. And I'm just as brilliant and incredibly humble about it. You're welcome. But fundamentally there's been… Continue reading Let go, let God.