What happens when my brain splits in two.

dear hearts

Unkept may be the two sides of my brain, but Dear Hearts is the two sides of my heart.

It was difficult to write, not only canvassing the pain that comes when infidelity inflicts a marriage and family, but writing from the perspective of a man who loves said family and adores said marriage yet has an affair with another man? Well, all I can say is life is gritty and Mitch’s life? It ain’t no exception.

Each word sheared away a piece of my heart.

Mitch and Elena are characters that are deeper than characters. They’re a pulse, working together and withering apart. They are victims to their own love story, craving happy endings when understanding what true, devotional, Godly love is has never glimmered on their radar.

They’re the prime example of what happens when life shuffles its cards and you’re left empty-handed.

What can we learn? Appreciate everything you have, even when  life feels like a single grain of sugar boring through a tooth.  Talk openly, honestly. Do no judge but do not blindly accept either.

Love with a sacrificial heart and an expanse of pure dedication.

Know that we only flicker here for a little while. So use every moment.

Dear Hearts is for the over eighteen crowd so please keep that in mind. Also understand that this book is not a promotional platform for any particular viewpoint. It is an examination into the human mind and heart and the struggle life brings when you leave God out of the picture.

You can read Dear Hearts for free here on Wattpad.

Click here for the ebook.

Click here for a paper copy.


How to Run a Book Giveaway on Instagram

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As you can see, I’m all about giving away a FREE digital copy of my book, Dear Hearts, today! Before we get to the “how to” of running an Instragram book giveaway, I’ll let you in on how you can get a free copy of my book!

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Check out what Dear Hearts is all about here.

What readers are saying:

Ms. Clay also managed to make the essence of this story relatable to the reader audience. My empathy trigger was pulled throughout the story, and I couldn’t help but have a visceral reaction to their emotions and plight. Addiction, abuse, homophobia, and family discord are difficult subjects to tackle – the author handles them in a raw, real, yet readable way. Similar to when someone describes having poison ivy, the listener can’t help but itch, too.

Now for the Nitty Gritty: How to RUn a Book Giveaway on Instagram

Here are a few quick tips to running your own book giveaway on the ‘gram:

  • Make sure your book giveaway graphic catches the eye. To pull this off, I use my one true love (beside Cheezits…Sorry, Matt) to get the job done. Canva is a really cool, easy to use online graphic designer. You can use it for just about anything (blog posts, social media, elaborate schemes to trick your Grandmother into getting a tattoo of George Clooney on her back). Important stuff.
  • Find the right hashtags. This site is uber helpful. So is a can of spray cheese when you have too many crackers. But we’re not talking about that right now.
  • Tag book lovers in the photo. And book haters to show them what they’re missing: spray cheese.
  • Set up the giveaway rules so that you can widen your audience/readers/cats. Cat widening is the real issue. Please stay educated, you guys.
  • Send out an update about your Instagram giveaway via all of your social media channels. Also via dove. I feel like doves have gotten the short end of the stick here recently.
  • Email a few friends to help spread the message. And my mom. She’d love that.

Lastly, it helps if you’ve built up your Instagram a bit as far as followers and pictures go. But really, it’s all about having fun and giving away a great read. And sending your grandmother anonymous directions to the tattoo parlor.

But really, what isn’t?