Dig the Dirt. Plant the Seed.

Grow where you’re planted.

I’ve heard that the past couple seasons of this life.

And for someone who likes to rip up her roots and blow in the breeze, it’s been a major wake up call.

I naturally don’t like people.

I’m not a hugger.

I pride myself on my intelligence and have a hard time seeing it in others (but that might be because I got to Wal-Mart too much 😆).

You can only imagine the number of true friends I’ve had in the past. 🙄

But Christ made my heart new through an intense belief that He can do anything.

I like people now.

I hug people.

I’ve come to realize that my type of intelligence is only one particular flavor in the rainbow sherbet that makes up this little world of ours.

When we attended Southeast Christian Church a few years back, Kyle Idleman did a sermon on sowing and reaping. For the tried and true Christian, this type of talk may be old hat. But for someone who’s lived her life toiling in rocky soil, it was the playbook I needed.

Is there fear doing something counter-intuitive to your old way of thinking?


But Jesus isn’t wasting his breath when he talks about belief.

We have to take Him at his word.

So dig the dirt. Plant the seed. And watch life grow but only if you believe it will.


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Wither and die. Or bear fruit.

Jesus withers the fig tree.
(Mark 1:12-13)

He can wither any one of us.

When I think of Jesus, I think of compassion.

What I sometimes forget is judgment.

He is God. He’s watching what’s really going on in our hearts.

He’s assessing the spiritual fruit we bear, if any.

Forget church ministry, forget “Super Mom” Facebook posts, forget looking all together when in reality, everything has fallen apart.

What’s in your heart right now? Are you angry at someone? Do you feel jipped? Do you plaster the cracks with make up and keep smiling because that’s the only thing the world would want to see?



Everything is about optics but God is about the deeper level. You can know every word forwards and backwards in the Bible.

It doesn’t mean you know Jesus.

Love, fortunately, is an action verb. You don’t always have to feel it to do it. And something that I know of, something I’m more sure of than anything? When you do love, your cracks begin to heal.

No make up required.

Today, we have a choice: wither and die or bear fruit.

Rest assured, the world is starving. Rest assured, we can remedy this if we want to.

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