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Once, I was a little girl, too, until the sun prospered then withered and all the gold drained to gray.

But now I see it in your smile.


Let go, let God.

I have a lot planned for 2016, but my main plan is to ask Jesus for help whenever I need it.
Not easy for a Type A gal like myself.

But considering I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and have seen the amazing benefits of relying solely on God for guidance, I have a feeling 2016 is going to shape itself into a powerful year for me and my family.

To keep with the theme of “new year, new you,” I’ve also decided to start documenting the recipes I create and my natural health tips. I’m a huge natural health advocate so be sure to check out #theclaykitchen and #theclayapothecary for some healthy goodness!

Lots of love and light to you all for the new year!

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This is why I do what I do.

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I started writing when I was very young to exorcise my demons. Now I’m trying to put to rest the demons of others.

I never understood why God gave me the talent of writing. I mean, I once called my dad in a panic because my car was on empty without having actually turned on the car.
I know.
But for some reason, I can whip up words in literal minutes that have left some editors speechless.

And I still have a hard time putting my shoes on the right feet.

I know. Again.

But what I can do is heal the world with my prayers and the gift God has blessed me with. I write up close and personal fiction because in order to suture the wound, you first have to know how deep the cut goes.

So you probably have an idea about how this latest review for Unkept makes me feel.

And the rest of the review absolutely fills my soul with gratitude: “This story was raw, bloody and powerful. The author lays bare all the emotional detritus of human life with the accuracy of a surgeon, exposing the underbelly.

Compelling and vicious, you will remember this book for a long timeā€¦” Words are so powerful, you guys. Use only the best ones.

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The thing about stories.


Not only were we fortunate to find a new church we love that happens to be on the street behind our house but we also an incredible message that’s still thumping against my breastbone: share the stories of how God has worked his wonders in your life.

As a lot of you know, I used to struggle with anxiety and depression and any stories I had to share weren’t of the rated G variety. But that’s what’s amazing about God’s love and mercy. He’s written me a beautiful ending because I got off my “type A/control freak horse” and asked him to.

And now I’m able to write this with so many blessings in my life, it’s almost scary. A beautiful new home, a new job for Matt, a wonderful family and an amazing community outside our door

Don’t forget to ask for help and don’t forget to share your stories with your children. There’s a lot of beauty in you and where you’ve come from. They deserve to know it.

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This child of mine.

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I never wanted to be a mother. Not that I didn’t think it was a noble profession (primarily because I had one of the best – Hi, Mom!), it just wasn’t necessarily on my radar since my nose was perpetually jammed in a book and most of my time was spent in my head.

But I was blessed with a person, a HUMAN BEING, and for the longest time, I just couldn’t handle that notion.

It took a lot to keep my head on straight. How was I going to keep tabs on someone else’s?

When I began to pray, Ava was usually in the forefront of those prayers. Her heart is so naturally big, and I realized I wanted to become more like her. I also wanted the tools to foster her goodness, not thwart it. I’ve been good at thwarting goodness in the past and there was no way I was going to impede my beautiful girl’s ability to make even the saddest face smile.

God is guiding us both, I truly believe that. Our relationship has grown stronger in prayer and her ability to make others light up is growing stronger as she filly embraces her own light that God has given her.
Thank you, Ava, for being braver than me and being the inspiration I needed to finally find my own smile again.

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Confessions of a control freak.


I used to look too much into the “inner.” What my soul needed to heal. And then I tried something different and absolutely terrifying because I ‘m nothing if not a control freak: I asked God to heal me.

And once he did, it felt like I was given a special pair of glasses to see the outward. People who used to piss me off were now hurt people like I used to be. They have a lot on their shoulders and are trying to navigate their hurt themselves and sometimes this comes in the form of a bitter person or sometimes even the life of the party.

But hurt is hurt and it doesn’t need to be exacerbated by me.

So this verse is an incredible reminder to see God in everyone and to lay my ego to rest.

God’s got all of me so no more restless nights searching my soul. It’s time to use that energy to love others.

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Thank you, Ghandi.


This quote, attributed to Ghandi, is one of my favorites for its sheer honesty and the heart breaking truth that Ghandi was seriously considering allowing Christ into his life until something happened that many of us have experienced: he came face to face with Christians.

For a very long time, I denied Christ because of Christians and the disparity between Jesus – his gentle, life saving truths – and the concept of sitting in a pew of every Sunday, and being subjected to talk I didn’t understand and didn’t compel me to go outside and help another human being.

I was just waiting for it to be over.

And I started to realize, if a lot of us felt like this, depleted rather than filled up, then how we were to go out like the disciples, and lend our hearts and ears to others in need?

Frank Raj, editor and publisher of The International Indian, has written a brilliant article on this subject and has put it far more eloquently than I ever could. It’s probably one of the most amazing, truth revealing articles I’ve ever read, so I implore you to take the time to absorb it. You won’t be let down.

Following Christ is about accepting his grace and extending it to others, and using the Word to enlighten your life as well as those who need a little light. It’s about church only as far as community, a group of like-minded individuals who want to spread love to others’ and have no judgment in their hearts because they’ve been there, too.

Christians like this DO exist. I’ve found them predominantly in nondenominational circles that are focused on sharing the Word rather than creating rules and regulations for their exclusive club.

There is no exclusiveness when it comes to Christ so there should be no exclusiveness when it comes to being a Christian.

So I wear Ghandi’s words on my heart as a reminder of the constant love I want to share. I never want to be the reason a person can’t find peace.

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Saying goodbye to myself.



I have a board on #pinterest I named “This is me.” It’s a rather dark board that dances between the concepts of being an overly vulnerable writer type to a “I don’t give two piles of human feces” individual who likes her vodka and her potty words and doesn’t need you or your nonsense.

I was going to delete it, but I didn’t.

Instead, I renamed it “This used to be me.” And then I sat back and said a prayer of gratitude.

There’s a lot of bitterness on the Internet. There a lot of people who are mad at the world and feel God has forsaken them. It’s easy to drink the poison, point fingers, live in our shells and block out the nasty, vile world.

It’s hard to find your place in it, realize you are part of the problem and exchange your old heart for a new one.

But it can be done.
I remember a while back I wrote a post about our daughter talking to Jesus even though I had cut God out of my life. I included an old school picture of Jesus knocking on a door and I captioned it “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Jesus!!” Because I thought it would be hilarious. And now I see the truth in it.

He is there. Waiting. Watching as we grow more bitter and sling our “eff you’s” at a world in which we’ve given up hope. He could help if we’re willing to sacrifice our pride for the good of others. It’s just a matter of opening up the door and most importantly, keeping it open even when it’s difficult.

I left the board up as a reminder: a hardened heart is a scared heart. And the next time I see someone else crying out this way, I’ll listen. Because bitter used to be my favorite flavor, too.

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On the mat.

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lt hit me today on my yoga mat, how much faith is like #yoga: it’s only beneficial if you practice it.

And nothing can make that concept more challenging than a pretty rough day.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t sign up for this Christianity thing because I thought it would be a barrel full of Cheetos or anything. More now than ever Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs, so I was pretty well aware that keeping things on the DL about the whole Jesus thing was the smarter move. But faith isn’t about making calculated moves on this board called “life.” It’s about loss of self in order to allow a complete transformation of head and heart.

It’s about closing your eyes and taking that leap.

And leaping, my friends, is a full on verb.
It ain’t easy, but when I open my eyes to this world, it’s more than necessary. Lessons from the good book are a good thing, but putting them into practice is a great thing, even when my day is less than brilliant.

So a quick pick me up on the mat and a conversation with the Lord has gotten me back in tune.

And tomorrow, I’ll be ready to lend the world my heart and my hands.

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