Why I Went from Represented Author to Self-Published Author

Why I Went From Represented Author to

And no, it’s not because I’m crazy.

This is how it is: I had an amazing agent. I had an amazing publisher for Unkept. But I realized I wanted something more than amazing. I wanted control.

I’ve always had a business side to me. I’ve worked as a social media consultant for a long time now and have tried to find ways to blend these skills with my online world, not for financial reasons but because I love the challenge of engaging people, of creating, of turning my skills into something that’s both profitable and necessary to my customers.

Yup. I’m that girl.

So you can imagine having that girl inside my brain while journeying the two year process of getting a book published. First you have to send the manuscript to publishers and then that bad boy is thoroughly edited and printed in a pretty package (if you have a good publisher and fortunately I did!).

But the waiting game was hard for me. The “relying on someone else to put the finishing touches on my baby” was hard for me, too. Not in an egotistical “I’m the best person for the job” type way, but in a “I’m an only child and my parents got me a ‘World’s Best Child’ t-shirt when I was ten” type way.

So we can all blame them.

Seriously though, here are some reasons I decided to go the self-publishing route.

Why I Decided to Self-Publish

  • In spite of myself, I’ve somehow managed to create a large community that cares about the work I produce. This means that even if I cut out a publisher, I still have a wide audience that I can market my work to. And in reality, even if a publisher picks up your work, you’re going to have to do a lot of the leg work anyways as far as marketing goes. They have other authors to publish and support and you can’t expect to hog all of their time. But you can hog your own!
  • I started a blog awhile back, Tipsy Lit, that I’ve tried to find a purpose for for a long time now. It’s gone through many transformations but as of late, I’ve realized it would be the perfect imprint for my self-publishing career. An imprint is basically the name you publish under. I’ve decided to choose Tipsy as my imprint instead of using my own name because it looks more professional and speaks to my business side.
  • I love learning new things and formatting has become one of them. Since it doesn’t make me go running for the hills then I figure it’s a worthwhile use of my time and a great way to save some money during the publishing process.
  • I know some great editors like Roxanne and the Bannerwing Betas, so when I need a second pair of eyes to catch everything I’ve missed, these talented folks are only an email away.
  • Designing book covers is fun for me. Seriously, I kind of love it! And since I’ve been mainly focusing on Kindle covers as of late, the Kindle cover creator in Canva (alliteration for the win!) has been crazy helpful.

I love being at the helm from the moment I put a word down on the page to letting the world know my words are ready to be read. This process may not be for everyone, but I feel pretty darn fortunate that it’s found me!

Have you published yet? Did you chose to go the traditional route or have you self-published? What was your experience like and would you recommend it to others?

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All is Well in Publishing Land

For those of you who haven’t been contacted by my grandmother about my novel being released in early 2015 (I’m just kidding.  You all have), then here are a few updates about the process:

  • My amazing publisher, Cameron, from Bannerwing Books, has emailed me to let me know that my novel is in its last stage of edits.
  • Formatting shall be happening in November.
  • And we’re now talking cover art mock ups!  What what!

To celebrate, here’s a picture of me shoving my bicep in your face, the one that I formed from curling a seventy-five pound glittered cat.  His name was Sir Whiskerpants the fourth and he smelled faintly of manchego.

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