My brain
And rot
Me hollow
So I spoon
It clean
To watch
You glean
All the other
In me
I never
Grow.  -e.c.











If it feels right, you know it’s meant to be.

There’s an organization called Scarlet Hope that is everything the world should be.

It’s aim is to help women remove themselves from the adult entertainment industry by offering transitional-living, career counseling, housing, mentoring, transportation, and drug rehabilitation. They give women the option of living a more hopeful life for themselves and their children.

This organization has gotten me think about ways that I can help. Volunteering my time is a little difficult right now, so I figured I could offer my talent and treasure instead. This is why I’m relaunching Tipsy Lit, and I’m currently looking for poetry submissions.

tipsy lit books

My aim is to regularly publish poetry chapbooks that reflect the human soul and raise money for charitable organizations like Scarlet Hope. Published poets will receive a free PDF, ePub, or mobi copy for the amazing gift they’ve given the world.

Below is a chapbook of my own poetry that I’ve published under the Tipsy Lit imprint. The book is a $1 (it only comes in a PDF version), and all proceeds will be going to Scarlet Hope.

Thank you to everyone who purchases a copy.

too human


Too Human: A Poetry Chapbook

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*If you’d like your ebook sent to an email address other than your PayPal email, please make a note of this in the “Note to Seller” box. Please also note if you would like the PDF, ePub, or mobi version.

How to Run a Book Giveaway on Instagram

free book

As you can see, I’m all about giving away a FREE digital copy of my book, Dear Hearts, today! Before we get to the “how to” of running an Instragram book giveaway, I’ll let you in on how you can get a free copy of my book!

  • Follow me on Instragram.
  • Like this picture and tag a fellow bookworm in the comments.
  • Repost this picture with the hashtag #dearheartsgiveaway.
  • Fill out the form below.

Check out what Dear Hearts is all about here.

What readers are saying:

Ms. Clay also managed to make the essence of this story relatable to the reader audience. My empathy trigger was pulled throughout the story, and I couldn’t help but have a visceral reaction to their emotions and plight. Addiction, abuse, homophobia, and family discord are difficult subjects to tackle – the author handles them in a raw, real, yet readable way. Similar to when someone describes having poison ivy, the listener can’t help but itch, too.

Now for the Nitty Gritty: How to RUn a Book Giveaway on Instagram

Here are a few quick tips to running your own book giveaway on the ‘gram:

  • Make sure your book giveaway graphic catches the eye. To pull this off, I use my one true love (beside Cheezits…Sorry, Matt) to get the job done. Canva is a really cool, easy to use online graphic designer. You can use it for just about anything (blog posts, social media, elaborate schemes to trick your Grandmother into getting a tattoo of George Clooney on her back). Important stuff.
  • Find the right hashtags. This site is uber helpful. So is a can of spray cheese when you have too many crackers. But we’re not talking about that right now.
  • Tag book lovers in the photo. And book haters to show them what they’re missing: spray cheese.
  • Set up the giveaway rules so that you can widen your audience/readers/cats. Cat widening is the real issue. Please stay educated, you guys.
  • Send out an update about your Instagram giveaway via all of your social media channels. Also via dove. I feel like doves have gotten the short end of the stick here recently.
  • Email a few friends to help spread the message. And my mom. She’d love that.

Lastly, it helps if you’ve built up your Instagram a bit as far as followers and pictures go. But really, it’s all about having fun and giving away a great read. And sending your grandmother anonymous directions to the tattoo parlor.

But really, what isn’t?

Welcome to the Best Day of My Life

Unkept by Ericka Clay

Seventeen years.

It’s been seventeen years since the day I knew I would be a published author.

It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a maybe. It was a fact.

I would make it happen, I just didn’t know how.

Fast forward to today. THE DAY.

Alongside my amazing publisher, I’m beyond thrilled/excited/alittlebitvomity to announce that you can now PREORDER the Kindle version of my novel, Unkept.

And very soon (March 2nd), the PRINT version will be available for purchase!

I’ve been working with an amazing group of women to polish this bad boy right up and make it something worth reading.

And together, I know we have something that will wow the pants right off of you.

Hopefully, you’re wearing underwear.


OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: March 2, 2015 from Bannerwing Books

AMAZON KINDLE PRE-ORDERhttp://bit.ly/UnkepteBook

GOODREADS LINKhttp://bit.ly/UnkeptOnGoodreads

THE PREMISE: As the live-in manager at her father’s funeral home in Burling Gates, Missouri, Vienna Oaks has succumbed to the mediocrity and abject loneliness of her life. Her days are suspended between the mundane and the misery of her clients’ throttling grief, of changing light bulbs, and encountering strangers as bereft as she. But after orchestrating the funeral for a little boy named Parker prompts a severe panic attack, she finds herself at a personal crossroads in which she is forced to confront the pregnancy she’s been hiding, her childhood nemesis, the boy she never stopped loving, and the deep-seated secret surrounding her mother’s death more than a decade before.

In another part of town, Heather Turnbull has just learned from her estranged father that her mother, a lifelong recluse, has died. When making arrangements for her funeral, Heather chooses Oaks Family Funeral home, where she comes face to face with Vienna – the woman she tortured throughout grade school, the woman who has recently had an affair with her husband.

Together, Vienna and Heather navigate through a makeshift friendship born of
circumstance and devised to assuage their ambivalence towards motherhood and their
tenuous relationship with reality, discovering, in tandem, the art of forgiveness and the
will to go on.

With humor and poignancy, Ericka Clay’s debut novel, Unkept, explores the thorny
landscape of childhood trauma and the ferocious politics between little girls — and the
adults they become.

A GINORMOUS thank you in advance to everyone who reads Unkept and hopefully reviews it. You are my lifeblood, folks. Without you, there would be no words worth writing, so please know this: you are amazing, you are wonderful and you are appreciated more than you know.

Love, glitter and felines,

Ericka Clay