Hole in the Brain

My mind is shot. I’m having a typical moment. Well, really not so typical as of late. Just a moment that’s similar to ones in the past. Where I’m tired and coiled into myself and regret every choice I’ve ever made. Hi, I’m Ericka. Nice to meet you. It’s just a few things. Little thingsContinue reading “Hole in the Brain”

Damaged People

I wake up in a weird panic sometimes. I recommit myself to Jesus and pray for his mercy and forgiveness. Something hits me squarely in the chest at night. Maybe it has something to do with the darkness. There’s a lot of “us” versus “them” lately, no matter the particular issue. No matter the particularContinue reading “Damaged People”

It’s Not a Competition

There are too many amazing people in my life. And I don’t necessarily mean successful ones. Sunday’s Sermon reminded us that Jeremiah was a “failed” prophet. He never was able to persuade one person to follow the Lord. But Jeremiah wasn’t a failure. Because maybe the point wasn’t His ability to change people. Maybe theContinue reading “It’s Not a Competition”

I Am

I am. Our children’s pastor shared a sermon yesterday that politely smacked me in the face. See, I have this issue of being a control freak. As a writer, I create worlds. And I very much want this one to be my own. I like to dictate who I am in any moment, how myContinue reading “I Am”

The Big Breath Mantra

Parenting is hard. A lot of things are hard, but I digress.  The phrase “His mercies are new every day,” keeps hitting me like a ton of bricks. My mercies are hardly ever new. They’re barely refurbished. I can hold a grudge so hard, it’s a miracle if it doesn’t break apart in my hand.Continue reading “The Big Breath Mantra”

Little Bitty

There’s an Alan Jackson song that features these lyrics: “Well, it’s alright to be little bittyA little hometown or big old cityMight as well share, might as well smile 🎼Life goes on for a little bitty while” When I was a kid, I enjoyed the tune but found the lyrics to be atrocious. I wasn’t goingContinue reading “Little Bitty”

Choose Jesus, Not Religion

I watched a #youtube video the other day about a woman who left the Mormon church and how she was now helping others do the same as a trained therapist. That didn’t bother me because Mormonism is lost on several biblical truths (as are a ton of so-called Christian religions who place tradition over God’s word). WhatContinue reading “Choose Jesus, Not Religion”