Self-publishing as a Ministry

I finished the book.

No. Let me try that again.


Relief. Happiness. An internal conflict brewing that worries me ceaselessly and provokes me to think that no matter what route I take with this thing, it will be the wrong one.

You know. The usual.

But there’s something way different this time. Jesus has taken the wheel. And I know deep down this book is more than a book and my writing is more than my writing.

It’s my ministry.

This is exactly why self-publishing is on my radar. I don’t just want to publish one book. I want to publish a slew of them that can be categorized as gritty contemporary fiction but still speak to the heart of Christ.

Have you peeked outside lately? Our world is on fire. And the only way to put it out is with the true, unhibited love for others that Jesus gives every one of us.

Not religion. Not systemic evil that’s insidiously wormed it’s way through every facet of human existence (nice try, Satan). But through the raw, real love of Jesus that meets us at every dead end.

I want those kinds of books available in the market. Because right now? All I’m seeing in the Christian publishing world is cheesy “koombabaya” novels and a select few non-fiction books that are absolutely stellar but won’t catch the attention of your average agnostic.

It’s time for change.

I’ve started a new self-publishing series here at to pen my thoughts throughout this journey. I’m excited to break down the online programs I’ll be using for editing and cover design. The YouTube tutorials that fire me up. The self-publishing aggregator that I KNOW will do my book justice.

I want to show you that impossible is possible when you trust the one and only Creator.